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An Instagram user is learning not to mess with Beyoncé as the singer’s mother and the Beyhive are putting him on the radar of authorities.

According to The Grio, the user issued his threat after seeing a selfie Tina Knowles Lawson posted to Instagram last Sunday that showed her using a selfie light designed by Beyoncé‘s stylist Ty Hunter.

“I’m going to assisinate your daughter,” Instagram user Aviante4921 wrote. “Master plan I could only imagine what that blood smells like.”

Upon seeing the user’s comment, Beyoncé’s fans and Knowles Lawson immediately responded with bringing the assignation threat to authorities.

“I have your account reported to the FBI @aviante4921,” a Beyoncé fan wrote, “Never think that because you are posting anonymously that you are anonymous from the authorities. This is a very heavy thing to say and you will be in Custody maximum of one week from today.”

“Thankyou Jfintel I just reported him to the authorities as well they are on it,” Knowles Lawson added while sharing her thoughts on the Instagram user. “As he just threatened murder and sexual assault in a public forum and is obviously a sick cowardly uneducated racist pervert.”

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(Photo Source: Tina Knowles Lawson Instagram)