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Peter Thomas has been accused of assaulting a man in his Charlotte, North Carolina bar.

The husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Cynthia Bailey is said to have attacked Brandon Patrick Link, 45, at his Sports One venue early on Jan. 24, according to local station WBTV.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police report, obtained by, indicates Link was hospitalized for minor injuries after he claimed he was “assaulted” by another individual. He later revealed to WBTV that his alleged perpetrator was Thomas.

According to Radar Online, police at the scene determined that “no assault occurred,” however, officials are attempting to serve Peter with a criminal summons for simple assault, a Mecklenburg District Court spokesperson confirmed told the website.

Meanwhile, Thomas, 55, has his own account of what went down. According to reports, he claimed Link was so drunk, he was tossed out of the bar by security, and then hurt himself by slipping on ice.

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7 thoughts on “‘RHOA’ Star Peter Thomas Accused Of Assaulting A Man In North Carolina

  1. Peter is all the negative things that have already been said about him. I am so tired of these people with no talent, being referred to as celebrity/star status. Cynthia could have done better for a husband. She is so busy bailing him out of all of his messes. He is still being investigated for the Apollo blunders. Guilty!!!!

  2. Peter is a POS, he’s not a star, a gold digger for sure, he’s rude, disrespectful, Cynthia should have got ridden of him long time.

  3. LMAO! I don’t know why Peter fronting like he’s the owner/part owner of that bar. We all know he friended Cordell so he could look like a partner. Cordell probably paying him by the hour! Get your checkbook out Cynthia, this shouldn’t cost much. I don’t know why she keeps putting up with his crap. Star my behind. He’s such a LOSER!

  4. Khmboo on said:

    Really….Seriously…. We’re using the word STAR behind a reality show person? He’s not a main character, but because of his association with RHOA, as Cynthia Bailey’s husband, now he’s a STAR. Let’s stop throwing around that word… He’s another coat rider with a temper….

    • Khmboo! I thought I was the only one aware of this how is he a star! People are so quick to label Gold Diggers Stars! You say coat rider I say Gold Digger!

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