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Nick Cannon felt moved to deliver a spoken word piece regarding the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

In a video of himself posted to Facebook over the weekend, Cannon tells viewers that his poem is not to be mistaken as “another trophy rant,” but rather a chance to focus on issues he believes are more important than boycotting an awards show.

He begins with the mention of another Oscar: Oscar Grant, the 22-year-old killed in 2009 by an Oakland police officer, and the subject of the 2013 film “Fruitvale Station.” That film, although critically acclaimed, was also snubbed by the Academy.

Cannon also name drops other police-involved deaths of unarmed African Americans like Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray.

He then touches more on the 2016 Oscars controversy, sparked by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s announcement that they plan to boycott the event due to the lack of minority nominees.

“We crying for votes but how many of us is on the board?” Cannon says. “Better yet, when’s the last time you showed up and supported the NAACP Awards? I want what’s mine, not yours.”

Watch below:

Snubbed: Black Actors and Actresses Who Deserve Oscars
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4 thoughts on “Nick Cannon’s Spoken Word Poem Targets #OscarsSoWhite [VIDEO]

  1. What would you do? on said:

    When will we stop all the whining! We are a strong race of people that can develop our own awards. Use your minds not your mouths! We are never going to get ahead if we can’t stop looking back!

  2. We have the Image Awards, Trumpet Awards, Achievement Awards, BET Awards, and yet, we are crying over the Oscars. Why not build up, advertise over media and most of all, attend our great shows. We look ridiculous always asking the White Man can we get a stamp of approval. Let’s know who we are and be proud of it. People will always treat you with disrespect when you don’t respect yourself.

    • Khmboo on said:

      Profoundly stated Kocolate Avante 🙂 It’s sad but when a black does win, it doesn’t get you any more money or more acting jobs, so how important is the Oscars for people of color.

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