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If at first you can’t get a jet, a highway must be next on the list.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

A proposal in the state Senate would dedicate a portion of Old National Highway in South Fulton County as the new “Creflo Dollar Highway,” a nod to the prosperity preacher’s influence as what the proposal calls “a world-renowned Bible teacher, a sought-after conference speaker and a best-selling author, with hundreds of books, CDs, and DVDs in distribution worldwide.”

Officially filed as Senate Resolution 805 and sponsored by state Sen. Donzella James, D-Atlanta, the proposal on Monday got assigned to the Senate Transportation Committee, which over the course of the next several weeks will consider dozens of local road-naming requests as part of regular business at the state Capitol.

Dollar made headlines last year when he and other leaders in World Changers Church International in College Park launched and then dropped a campaign that asked followers to pony up $65 million for a top-of-the-line luxury Gulfstream G-650 jet. It’s an airplane generally reserved for world leaders, the top crop of business executives and billionaires.

Dollar’s church, whose dome is a College Park landmark, is in James’ district. And her recent road-naming track-record is pretty good: last year, she won approval to name a portion of Atlanta’s Spring Street as the new Gladys Knight Highway.


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(Photo Source: Creflo Dollar website)

5 thoughts on “Is Pastor Creflo Dollar Getting A Highway Named In His Honor?

  1. Why is it a problem for Old National Hwy to be named after a son of College Park?He was born and raised in this area.He has not left his home to work his job.He built his church in his community.Im not a member of his church.But,I have benifited from his church services.They have a food bank,Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaways.They help the homeless and cloth people as well as providing housing for mothers with children.He does a lot in his community.And rather you like it or not he is a world renowned pastor.I think it should bare his name.I think many of you need to get off of that jet story.If his congregation wants to buy him a jet why should we care?

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Way too early for this. Suppose this highway is renamed in his honor and we find out he fathered countless children outside his marriage, raped a few women, abused old people, etc… Will they then try to remove his name? Wait about 40 years. I know if they could they would remove the MLK Jr. holiday from existence because of his supposedly infidelity, and forget about all the good he’s done.

  3. I thought you had to be dead to have a highway in your honor. We have several in my city because of the lifetime achievements of the individual. He has not lived long enough for this honor, anything can happen, we have all seen it before with people in the ministry.

  4. Sounds to me as if Creflo is a schmo!!!!!

    He is a perfect example of why some folks no longer attend the Baptist Church. Way too much begging for MATERIAL THINGS!!!!!!!

    Gladys Knight deserves to have a street/highway named after her–this POS no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What would you do? on said:

    This is unnecessary! It’s bad enough the he manipulated his congregation into buying him a “personal” jet. Shame shame in the eyes of GOD!. People please be careful who you follow…….

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