Tyrese Gibson is the latest celebrity to rant about the lack of diversity in Hollywood. On MLK Day, the singer/actor hit up Instagram to blast community leaders for being lazy and said “today’s artists are afraid” to combat racism in Hollywood. Gibson also put Chris Rock on blast about hosting the “racist” 2016 Academy Awards because of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

Using the hashtag #AgressiveRant, Tyrese wrote:

“This is my message to today’s LAZY LEADERS.. The ones who are so concerned about being black balled out of this town and industry that they would rather SIT on their hands and cry at home to their wives and girlfriends and not DO anything.. The ones who only pop and talk shit on social media and DO nothing.. The ones who wanna protest but ONLY protest when it’s convenient. It’s SAD SAD SAD to see that were still living in a generation of “Followers” and not enough REAL LEADERS…”

He added:

“#OscarsSoWhite..??? Mainstream Radio?? only playing white artist when THEY sing R&B Soul???? This is modern day racism.. I fear NO MAN.. I fear NO SYSTEM. I don’t seek your validation and I don’t need your approval.. But I won’t sit down and sit ON my hands and just let this ALL go down without speaking On it.. It’s really really sad to see that press and media coverage that Donald Trump is getting when he CLEARLY doesn’t represent the VOICE of America.. Is Chris Rock still gonna host the oscars after this blatant racism??”

Check out Gibson’s full rant below:


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