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Mike Epps is one busy man. Two television shows, an upcoming biopic where he will portray comedy legend Richard Pryor and a new comedy tour (Don’t Take It Personal) that kicks off February 5th at Madison Square Garden.

The comedian and actor talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his new ABC show starring he and Nia Long, rumors about him being fired on Survivor’s Remorse and his upcoming Richard Pryor biopic starring Oprah, Eddie Murphy and Kate Hudson.

On rumors that he is leaving Survivor’s Remorse?

“Yeah I’m coming back. You know there was a rumor I died on the show. When I got the Uncle Buck show they knew I was going to go to ABC over STARZ. I wasn’t the lead on the STARZ show. I think when it came up, instead of kicking me off the show, they made it look like it was over,” Epps said.

On his new show Uncle Buck and the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic:

“It stars me and Nia Long…it was based on the movie. It comes out in April and I start filming Richard Pryor in April.”

What he does to relax:

“When I have too much free time I get in trouble. It’s either go to work or be on TMZ. It keeps my mind busy.”

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