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The youngest daughter of Malcolm X has been jailed for failing to pay back the $55,000 she stole from an elderly Queens woman, NY Daily News reports.

A Queens judge ordered Malikah Shabazz held last Tuesday night after probation officials said she failed to make any of the monthly $1,229 restitution payments she agreed to as part of a plea deal.

Back in 2011, Shabazz was sentenced to five years probation for running up $55,000 charges on the credit card of family friend, Khaula Bakr. Prosecutors say she opened credit card accounts in Bakr’s name. She was ordered to payback the money or risk being thrown into prison for seven years.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown accused Shabazz of “preying upon the trusting nature” of Bakr, the widow of one of Malcolm’s bodyguards who was present when he was assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem in 1965.

discovered the theft when she got a letter from Wells Fargo demanding nearly $30,000 in payments for an overdue account. She discovered two more credit cards had been opened in her name, running up charges of $8,382.84 and $18,712.06. The accounts listed Shabazz’s Columbia, S.C., address, authorities say.

Shabazz, who was born months after Malcolm X was assassinated, had 50 months to pay back the $55,000, but she never made good on any of the payments. She was also ordered to stay in NYC while she served out her five-year probation, but she apparently moved to St. Albans, Vt., above a bar that she’s looking to buy.

Her previous legal woes include a bitter battle with her sisters over their parents’ $1.4 million estate. Their mother died in 1997 after being burned in a fire set by her grandson. Shabazz was also arrested in 2011 after social service investigated a complaint that her 13-year-old daughter wasn’t attending school.

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