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Looks like Chris Brown‘s got another female problem on his hands … again, but this one has a history of being a problem for male entertainers.

The back story if you haven’t heard is that a woman named Liziane Gutierrez has accused the entertainer of hitting her in the eye in a ‘Vegas club. Of course the Brown camp totally denying the accusation. They say she made up the story after getting kicked out of the party at the club.

As TMZ points out, Brown’s new accuser has a history of hurling allegations against celebs who piss her off. It wasn’t that long ago that she took aim at Jason Derulo after he refused to take her to a Hollywood afterparty.

TMZ’s photog shot the video below of her back in August and as you can see, Gutierrez was bitter Derulo left a Hollywood club in a party bus with her friends but left her on the street.

“She said at the time the girls who went to the house were subjected to something bad … bad enough to make them cry. She claimed Jason wanted them to do things they didn’t want to do, and they refused,” the site reported.

In essence, Chris Brown, with his reputation for being a woman beater, is obviously no angel, but then home girl seems to be about as shallow as the come and has a serious credibility problem.

Meanwhile, Brown himself is striking back with a (perhaps ill-advised) Instagram video. Quite frankly He looks like he’s drunk or drugged. He appears fidgety and his speech is slurred, but he makes his point.

“Obviously someone is looking to get a check or start some sh*t,” Brown starts his post off saying. “I don’t know this old looking b*tch. This b*tch is old, like dusty. Look at her in the Jason Derulo video. She came to Vegas and she probably came to my room and was too ugly to get in.”

To recap the situation, Liziane Gutierrez claims she was punched by Brown for snapping photos of him. According to TMZ, Gutierrez said she was able to sneak her mobile phone past security and during the evening took photos of the singer. She says Brown noticed her and “went off,” punching and yelling at her according. TMZ posted the pic below of Gutierrez’ swollen eye after the assault is said to have happened.

Las Vegas police are investigating the allegation according to Lt. Jeff Goodwin who would not release any details, saying the investigation is still going on.

Brown also posted this to social media after the alleged incident:

The entire caption reads:

Keeping my circle small in 2016! I’m done taking the care of grown ass men. And I’m going to be hella rich after all the lawsuits I file from these crazy individuals who keep lying on my name. Happy NEW YEAR! Time for some of us to grow the fuck up!

Brown was freed from felony probation last year, more than six years after he infamously attacked then-girlfriend Rihanna.


(Photo: Instagram)

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