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Last week it was Sandra Bland.

This week it’s Tamir Rice.

Again, there will be no indictments for the police officers involved in questionable death of a black person.

The prosecutor, Tim McGinty made the announcement Monday afternoon.

“Based on the evidence they heard and on the law as it applies to police use of deadly force, the Grand Jury declined to bring criminal charges against Cleveland Police Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback. That was also my recommendation and that of our office after reviewing the investigation and the law.”

McGinty said that he had just informed Tamir’s mother of the decision and that the conversation was a tough one.

He said he told the mother that while it was a difficult decision, to charge the officers would be a miscarriage of justice.

“The State must be able to show that the officers acted outside the constitutional boundaries set forth by the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Simply put, given this perfect storm of human error, mistakes and miscommunication by all involved that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police.”

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15 thoughts on “Don Lemon: No Indictments in Tamir Rice Case, Now What?

  1. Prophetic Voice on said:

    The TJMS really should not allow Don Lemon to get away with his persistent excuse of “just presenting the facts.” If he wants to simply report the news then this is not the proper forum for him. My understanding is Don Lemon is supposed to provide commentary. Commentary is defined as an expression of opinions or offering of explanations explanations about an event or situation. Don Lemon’s lie is that he is presenting the facts so that we can form an opinion. But the facts are not objective. They are always subjective and slanted against the core audience of this site. Then to add insult to injury is that myth that Don Lemon is presenting “truth” or “making us think.” That insults this audience because the presumption is that if we do not agree with Don it is because we are ignorant. TJMS please stop insulting our intelligence with America’s worst journalist (a title awarded to him by White people I might add.)

  2. B more Careful on said:

    Why was Tamir Rice harassing and waving a toy weapon at people? Why was Quantino trying to beat his father with a bat? In these cases people called police! Now dad wants to sue? I know if criminals and drug dealers can get millions why not others!! Has anyone noticed BLM claims more police are killing us but when we’re afraid of our own Qs father STILL CALLED OUR OPPRESSORS for help? ??? Why has crime skyrocketed in every city BLM marches?? I’m glad grand juries aren’t controlled by race baiting media!! I noticed Judge Williams shut down FG fam lawyer here after all that bragging he has sources on Greta!! Haha Officers will walk..

  3. The execution’s of black lives will continue. If white lives were being snuff out in such a manner, new work ethic would had been in place within a week.

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as though things have gotten worse. In the past couple of years after this country supposedly began to examine police practices and their interaction with black males nothing has changed. In fact, it appears to have become more damning. It’s as though police departments all across America have collectively gotten together and said we don’t give a ……….. Well, you know.

  5. Red neck white boys hiding their racist azz behind the badge. They’re like little stupid monkey’s running loose from the zoo killing innocent black men, women and children, I bet their mommas are proud of them.

  6. Jacqueline on said:

    You still fight for this kid.police never gave him a chance.why not talk him into dropping the gun instead of just driving up on him shooting not giving the kid a chance cause he is black.the joker movie theater killer.killed many and he wasn’t killed cause he was a white kid.tamir hadn’t committed any crime on arrival he wasn’t threatening anyone he was alone.shame on these police they need to make a public apology and to the kids parents that they made a mistake and that it was do to race and poor police training.the kid is gone now but we can still fight so acts like this stop happening to black kids.and people of color.I like good policing not ignorant policing.and black lives do matter and we can change our mentality for the better of all people.

    • BLM? Jacqueline, when was the last time you left a comment about black people shooting black people? Leave one now if BLM is for all blacks, not just ones killed by the police.

  7. Tamir Rice playing with a toy gun shot dead within seconds of police arrival.
    Sandra Bland ends up hanging from a jail cell ceiling while in police custody for a traffic stop.
    Ethan Couch drinks and drives underage, killing 4 people and gets 10 years probation because he suffers from “affluenza.”
    Now that he has been captured in Mexico I am sure he will be brought to justice because we all know how difficult it is to bribe Mexican and American legal officials. (That was sarcasm if you can’t tell)

    • specialt757 on said:

      Oh but here’s the kicker, the county issued an “apprehension” warrant, not an arrest warrant for this rich white boy. If he were black, the warrant would have read “armed and dangerous” capture dead or alive, however dead would be better.” Where is the arrest warrant for the mom for aiding a fugitive? Is this white privilege or rich privilege? Oh wait, it’s white, rich black people don’t get this same privilege.

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