Many people with cancer will turn to their own church or community organizations for help, but if their care team places an emphasis on spiritual support as a valuable part of the treatment plan, patients will be better equipped to cope with the psychological and emotional effects of cancer.  Pastoral care recognizes the importance of patients’ faith community and the role that community plays in helping navigate through their journey.  To address this need in the community, CTCA sponsors a Cancer Care Leadership Training called Our Journey of Hope lead by the Pastoral Care team. Our Journey of Hope equips church leadership with tools to support members of their congregation who may also be cancer patients.

Griffin’s work also extends beyond spiritual guidance. She helps to lead non-faith based patient and caregiver support groups that serve as an open community for storytelling. She also provides one-on-one counseling sessions to talk through sensitive topics such as grief and loss, education on advanced directives, meaning and purpose as it pertains to legacy and faith, and fear of the unknown.

“Spirituality is key and at the core of all beliefs and can help people cope and deal with life’s experiences,” says Griffin. “At CTCA we walk along side patients throughout their journey and experiences to encourage them to connect or stay connected to their faith for the purpose of having strength for the journey.


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