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A contractor refused to finish installing Akon‘s glass floor and pimping out his Georgia mansion if he doesn’t pay the $36,765 already owed.

Durable Steel Structures filed a lien against not only Akon, but his mother too. The contractor claims to have done a lot of work on their glass floor already and hasn’t been paid yet, according to TMZ.

The contractor was installing a floor made like walking above a coral reef. He was about to put in LED lights projecting the reef images below the glass.

But that’s not happening until he gets his money. The contractor revealed Akon’s mother couldn’t make a choice on the lighting, which is another reason he’s held off.

But maybe he should’ve donw his research on the mother-son pair. This isn’t the first time Akon and Mama Akon owed a contractor money. They were sued for $51,941 for unpaid work done on the same mansion by another contractor.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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