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Ever try to do something when you are in pain?  Usually, your pain takes over as a natural reaction and your brain focuses on how you can treat the pain. But one Georgia woman was determined to take a college psychology test, despite the fact that she was in some of the worst pain known to a woman: labor.

On Thursday, November 12, 21-year-old Tommitrise Collins was preparing to deliver her baby at Coliseum Medical Center, but before that happened she had to take an online test.

The thing about it is, Collins was told that she could only take the test that day. But of course nobody told her little bundle of joy when to come out.

“If I’m not in too much pain, I’ll take it,” Collins told her sister, Atlanta resident Shanell Chapman. Collins said her plan was to handle as much pain as long as possible and when she took the test she was not on any medication.

“It took me 4-5 hours after the opening of the test to try to put the pain to the side and do it so I wouldn’t have to do it later and I could enjoy my newborn,” Collins said.

Collins, who turns 22 next month and is a Criminal Justice major, wasn’t about to ask her instructor at Middle Georgia State University to take the test later.

t collinsCollins was never one to take the easy way out. She was a basketball standout at Westside High School. She earned a scholarship to play at the University of Texas at El Paso and later transferred to play for two smaller schools in Oklahoma. As a a 6-foot-2 power forward. She’d torn ligaments in both her knees. She knew agony.

Woman Takes College Exam…While In Labor! was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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