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A Harlem resident committed a gentle act of kindness when she gave her shoes to a barefoot homeless woman on a crowded MTA train, Pix11 reports.

Kay Brown tells Pix11 she was heading home from Times Square Monday evening when she noticed a homeless woman board the crowded 3 train with no shoes on. Instead of moving away from the woman or ignoring her, the nonprofit worker asked the woman what size shoes she wore, and when it turned out they were the same size, Brown took off her boots and gave them to her.

The moment left the unidentified woman in tears.

Pix11 reports:

“She was so small, and I looked down and she had no shoes on,” she told PIX 11 News. “Not just no shoes, no socks, she was completely barefoot.”

Once her train arrived in Harlem, Brown walked to her apartment with only socks on her feet.

“Wouldn’t you want someone to share the same compassion towards you?”

In another act of kindness, a passenger on the train gave Brown an unworn pair of socks he had in his gym bag to wear home. The 26-year-old plans on starting her own non-profit aimed towards giving shoes to those in need.

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SOURCE: Pix11, Facebook | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform


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