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The man who shot at Lil Wayne’s tour buses in Atlanta back in April has been sentenced to 20 years.

Rolling Stone reports that Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, who was charged in connection with the incident, pleaded guilty to the shooting. His sentence will be split, with 10 years served in prison followed by 10 years on probation after reaching a plea with prosecutors.

Per his deal, Winfrey pleaded guilty to only six gang-related charges. He was initially indicted on 30 counts that stemmed from from the tour bus shooting, according to TMZ reports. Despite Cash Money Records CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams and rapper Young Thug being named as Winfrey’s associates, Winfrey is the only one to face charges for the shooting, which occurred on April 26.

Winfrey’s sentencing comes months after the shooting, which took place months after Lil Wayne’s split and beef with Cash Money, his longtime label, went public. As a result, the “A Milli” rhymesayer sued Cash Money for $51 million in January.

As it stands, Birdman denied any involvement in the shooting, which accounted for no injuries by anyone.

In July, prosecutors claimed in the State of Georgia’s indictment against Winfrey that the Young Thug associate opened fire on Lil Wayne’s tour buses and then attempted to hide the Camaro he was driving at the time. The indictment goes on to mention an Instagram video Young Thug posted five days before the shooting which appeared to threaten Lil Wayne and shows Winfrey and weapons.

Rolling Stone notes that Winfrey is seen in the video for Young Thug’s song “Hafltime” toting an assault rifle that was similar to the weapon used in the tour bus shooting. Following the shooting, Winfrey placed a call to a cell phone owned by Birdman.

In all, the indictment against Winfrey spans 30 counts, including aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, possession of a firearm and violations of both the RICO Act and Street Gang Terrorism Prevention Act.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution points out the reason behind the shooting, saying that Winfrey, who will be eligible for parole, orchestrated the incident in an effort to gain “street cred.”

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