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President Obama is the coolest Prez this country has ever seen.

The 44th leader of the Free World turned his swag up a notch this week when he joined Facebook, and set his cover photo to a flick of himself on a luxurious boat overlooking the water and mountainous horizon in shades.

In his first post (above), he can be seen taking a chill stroll in his “backyard,” the White House lawn. While walking and talking to the camera, he mentioned the squirrels and foxes that live there, carbon emissions, and wanting to protect the environment for future generations – all without missing a beat.

We should also mention that Chairman and Chief Executive of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was one of over 30,000 FB users who commented on POTUS’ video. He wrote:

“Welcome, President Obama! I’m excited that you’ve joined our community, and I look forward to seeing how you engage with people here on Facebook.”

Zuckerberg doesn’t just comment on Facebook posts all willy-nilly. Stunt on ’em, Prez.

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3 thoughts on “President Obama Joins Facebook…. And We Love His First Post! [SEE INSIDE]

  1. Faye Hunter on said:

    MAMA always said. ..The LORD does not give you what you want. ..The LORD gives you what you need. ..and now we need a strong leader…President Obama is that leader…yea the South Side came out in him…to put an end to a lot of clueless people talking…PASS A LAW FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA TO SERVE A THIRD TIME…HE HAS MY VOTE…

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