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Black Lives Matter, a movement sprouted from the racial mistreatment of police officers towards men and women of color, was targeted by Fox News host Sean Hannity this week when he compared them to the Ku Klux Klan.

Hannity expressed discontent with the Democratic party after news surfaced that the DNC would allow the BLM group to host a town hall forum with candidates. Joined by fellow Fox News host Juan Williams and radio host Larry Elder during a segment called “Race In America” on Wednesday, Hannity compared the advocacy group to the Ku Klux Klan.

His comparison stemmed from the chant “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” which was said during a BLM protest in Minnesota that occurred hours after the death of a Houston police officer. Minnesota Black Lives Matter leader Rashad Turner told reporters in August that the chant wasn’t meant to condone violence against police officers.

After Hannity continued to throw around the KKK in comparison with BLM, Williams and Elder got on the same page to defend the group.

The Huffington Post reports: 

“Why don’t you let the [Ku Klux] Klan host the party?” Hannity asked.

Elder said the Democratic Party is “scared to death” about Donald Trump. Polls indicate black voters’ growing support for Trump, he said, which chips away at what has traditionally been a “monolithic” voting bloc for Democrats and could help explain the party’s acceptance of the movement.

Williams tried to explain the movement’s mission.

“They’re a special interest group and they are saying they want attention for their issue,” Williams said.

“Right, the ‘pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon’ group,” Hannity interrupted.

“I don’t think that’s fair,” Williams said.

Black Lives Matter has continued to come under fire from critics. Over the summer, a White man from Texas was outed for defacing his own car and blaming it on BLM members to get a check from his insurance company. Other Fox hosts have also slammed the group as racist and anti-police – even amidst their largely peaceful protests.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | VIDEO CREDIT: YouTube 


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14 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Compares Black Lives Matter Movement To The Ku Klux Klan

  1. Phatbutzzzz on said:

    He is not that far off truthfully. Lets face it, BLM is out only publicly supporting criminal minded brothers and silent where we need them in the hoods. Blacks killing blacks is not even slowing down, elevating if anything, so if I was the KKK I would be in full support of BLM. Why, black men will keep killing black people with BLM not affecting that equation. They are only focused on going after a handful of cops and what good is that?

  2. When is BLM going to address Black on Black crime? When is BLM going to address the thousands of black babies murdered in the womb each year?

    • How much addressing do you need? You understand the reason there is black on black cirme, socioeconomic factors, easy answer. If there was full employment, equal access to benefits and equal access to housing in this country, there would be less killing among blacks. A lot of urban black folks feel they have nothing to lose which influences their behaviors.

  3. Timekeeeper on said:

    This is what is called FCC & government sanctioned racism. If someone on any other station said this, they would be dismissed.

  4. I can se Hannity in a KKK outfit. His beady eyes peering out from the holes in the hood. I bet he has his KKK membership papers in a vault in his house.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Not in his vault Doris. He cant wait that long, he’s go it hanging on a doorknob in his bedroom ’cause he has to be ready all of the time.

    • Maybe Hannity makes that comparison because even though he’s not allowed to wear his white sheet on air he’s probably a card carrying member KKK and as usual always stirring up BS

  5. I agree with u 100% special 757. Who gives a Damn what Sean hannity think. He’s anti black anyway. I can’t stand his ignorant jealous ass. He’s jealous of Presidentb Obamas intellelect. Always have been

  6. specialt757 on said:

    The klan has been hosting the parties all the time, they just traded in their hoods for suits and ties and have been our political leaders and TV news hosts forever.

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