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Lawd a mercy. That’s what women across the web were saying today (while also enjoying Drake’s dance steps in the Hotline Bling video) because sheer beauty has been all up and through cyberspace this week.

First, let’s take a look at the father/son combination of Baltimore’s Correll Stanfield, 20, a barber in the correctly named Charm City if he’s got anything to do with it. But as cute as he is, when he posted up a pic with his 46-year-old daddy, cubs and cougars alike got their life.

Here’s Correll:

Here’s Correll and his dad:

Here’s Correll and his dad again: 

Sadly, for everyone but his wife, Correll’s dad, a pastor (say what?) in Atlanta is happily married. So ladies, dial it on back down.

As parched women in cyberspace found a new dynamic duo to love, there was also the fineness that is Kendrick Sampson, who provided a tour of his house via If you never watched Vampire Diaries you may have missed out on this beautiful brother, but fortunately, Shonda Rhimes did not and cast him on How To Get Away With Murder this season.


Among the many crimes we could think of doing with this man, homicide would not be one of them. Check out his house tour, which sadly, does not include his bedroom but ends with what could only be the tease of all time….and we are so here for it….

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