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In the latest allegation of fast food employees attacking customers with racist comments, two workers at a Wendy’s in Arvada, Colorado have been fired after reportedly leaving the N-word and other slurs in a kids’ meal, according to FOX31.

About a dozen people gathered in protest Tuesday to voice their frustration about the incident that occurred on Oct. 8, when Manige Osowski took her family to a Wendy’s outside of Denver, the report says.

She ordered a kids’ meal for her daughter, who opened the meal and discovered the alleged offensive note.

Via Fox31:

“I had to explain to my child what the ‘N’ word means and she’s never heard that term before,” Osowski said.

It’s unclear why the employees wrote the note, but Wendy’s said it acted quickly and terminated their employment.

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11 thoughts on “Two Wendy’s Workers Fired After Leaving N-Word Note In Kids’ Meal

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I’m not sure if the entire company should be blamed for the simple-minded and clearly racist actions of their misguided and ignorant employees. I believe they acted swiftly and with the appropriate action. I don’t think people should not eat their because of this incident, maybe for other reasons, but not this.

    • pac4me on said:

      I agree – You can only blame the company if they allow this kind of behavior from its employees – I wish they had taken it a step further and blasted their names so that future employment opportunities might be limited to nothing

  2. Honestly on said:

    Typical cave n!@@er behavior. This will end when Nubians stand up in unison and fight by any means for our lives bestowed upon us by GOD. These neanderthal apes should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  3. In the Bilbe Psalms 37 states: “Fret No Thy Self Because Of Evildoers, For They Shall Soon Be Cut Down Like The Grass; And Wither.” Evil, racist, America will be punished for their deeds. This was uncalled for. Racism = fear and jealousy!

  4. So sad that this lady’s children were exposed to this ignorant s–t.

    When will this ugliness end????

    Those POS both got what they deserved–FIRED!!!!!!!!

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