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Could you raise a transgender child?

One mother speaks about raising her daughter…as a boy.

“One day I asked Penelope, “What’s the matter, love? Why are you so angry all the time?” Penelope responded with a flood of tears, “Because everyone thinks I’m a girl, and I’m not.” I knew at that moment it was important to say something that would convey my unconditional love and support. “Oh, baby, you’re free to be whoever you feel you are. What’s inside is what counts.” Penelope spoke up more clearly than ever before and looked directly into my eyes. “Mama, I don’t feel like a boy. I am a boy,” Jodie Patterson told Essence Magazine.

Watch her and Penelope’s story below:

Is raising your child as the opposite sex good or bad parenting?

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(Photo/Video Source: Cosmopolitan YouTube)

16 thoughts on “Mother Shares Her Story About Raising a Transgender Child [WATCH]

  1. stephanie on said:

    What a brave boy and a courageous, understanding and supportive mom, because of the love of his mom, this little boy will be prepare to face those challenges. Kudos to you mom

  2. To the people, this is not new, children like this have been around since forever, they just hidden. The most important thing is, to make sure a child, childhood is happy, we are only given one. To any parents who become angry, that’s the child you create from conception, deal with it, it is not about your pride, happiness or whether you pay the rent or mortgage.

  3. Are all of you just stupid or do you really believe what you are saying, if more parents listened to their kids when they come to them and explain something that is very difficult for them to talk about the right thing is for the parent to listen. Your way of thinking is why so many young teens are committing suicide because no one will take them seriously. If they say they feel like they are one way but were born another you better damn site listen to them. This has nothing to do with what they see on TV. PLEASE!!!! I just hope that some day one of your kids doesn’t come to you to tell you that while their name is James they really want to called Joan or the other way around.

    • Ms Curly on said:

      What makes you so superior that you can call other people stupid because they have a different opinion than you? Of course parents should listen to and talk to their children and no one wants a kid to contemplate suicide. But like I said the media is really glorifying this transgender issue they act like Caitlyn is be best thing since Marilyn Monroe.

      • Ms Curly on said:

        And if my grand kids or anyone else I love come to me with a issue like this I’m going to continue to love them and do the best that I can for them.

    • knowledge on said:

      Good question. Kids watch and see way to much. Mom probably has a girlfriend that acts and looks like a man. Butch and Transgender are one in the same when it comes to females.

  4. Ms Curly on said:

    I don’t know nothing much about someone being transgender. Most kids go through changes/phases. Its hard because a child is making a grown up decision. I know that this dates back a long time ago but now so many kids are feeling like the opposite gender and I wonder if things like the exposure of “Caitlyn” has anything to do with it. I understand that this child was very young when the mother found out. We all want what is best for our children, this is just hard no matter what. I can remember my granddaughter at the age of 10 asking someone who worked in the Salon with her mother “are you a girl or a boy” because he looked like a male body and face wise but he had on a belly shirt and daisy dukes. Needless to say he was upset, but we are confusing the heII our of our children.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Ms. Curly, I agree. I don’t remember seeing any “transgender” kids (or at least I didn’t know) when I was growing up. I saw kids that I thought was gay (mainly males) and acted that way, but it’s another thing to “think” you are one sex when you were born another. I definitely believe all the access to ALL media out here are influencing our children.
      And today we allow our kids to make grown up and life long lasting decisions and that might not be the right thing to do. We make decision, of course, after our kids are born on their wellbeing and that really should be it. When they become adults they should then and only then make life long decision about who they are.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    “Oh, baby, you’re free to be whoever you feel you are. What’s inside is what counts.”

    Not the best advice. It’s really not what’s on the inside that counts in REAL life. It sounds good and we all wish that were the case, but unfortunately, everyone on the outside looking in will be judging this kid. This mom definitely has an uphill battle.

  6. African American Woman on said:

    Oh hells no. If I have birth to an XX, it’s a girl, if I give birth to an XY, it’s a boy…if they choose to change that when they grow up, that’s there choice, but not in my house.

  7. This was a very deep video and my heart goes out to the mother. Love should prevail. I don’t know how I would feel in your shoes. Very controversial subject. I remember years ago in Atlanta when a couple of babies “circumcision” went wrong and the parents were forced to choose what gender their child should be and they were never heard of again along with a huge settlement between the parents and the hospitals. Puberty will be scary as she stated one would have to wonder if this is a fad at this age or if the parent is helping reinforce a false sense of security that will certainly be a bigger problem when puberty occurs. What does God say about it?

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