The Baltimore Police Department says it has searched through its databases to find an incident report involving GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson being held up at gunpoint at a Popeyes restaurant in the city – but have been unable to locate such a record.

The retired Johns Hopkins Hospital neurosurgeon made headlines recently for suggesting that people in the midst of a mass shooting should ban together and rush the shooter to prevent more victims from being killed. “I wouldn’t just stand there and get shot,” he told Fox & Friends last week.

Using himself as an example, Dr. Carson has also been telling the story of how he was at a Popeyes restaurant in Baltimore years ago when a man stuck a gun in his ribs. Carson says he told the gunman, “I believe that you want the guy behind the counter,” and that the gunman moved on.

Baltimore police said Tuesday they’ve searched several databases of incident reports at Popeyes restaurants as far back as 1987 in response to news media requests, but haven’t found any mentioning Carson.

A Carson spokesman says the incident happened “30-plus years ago.”

Police say earlier reports require a report number or the name of the person arrested.

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