The hefty price tag for Air Jordan sneakers and the fatal consequences for kids enamored with the footwear have struck a nerve with Stephon Marbury.

The former New York Knick took to social media to blast Michael Jordan for the violence he has ensued over the highly sought after kicks.

Labeling Michael Jordan, an NBA legend and six-time champion, “greedy,” Marbury retweeted fans while noting the struggles some parents may face to buy Jordans for their children.

In addition, Marbury touched on the fact that the masses have gotten “caught up in the greatness” of Jordan and vowed that “the time would change.”

The following are Marbury’s tweets pertaining to Jordan:





Marbury’s comments come as he prepares to bring back his Starbury sneakers, which were once on sale for $15 at the now-closed Steve and Barrys stores, a tenth of what Air Jordans go for today.

The violent history of Air Jordan sneakers was noted by Vibe, which referenced several riots taking place at sneaker stores following the release of the Jordans in 2014, 2012 and 2011. Three people were killed following the releases during that time.

In December, a 16-year-old boy in Ohio was shot and killed after attempting to steal a pair of limited edition Jordans. Jordan’s relationship with his popular sneaker brand has been a profitable one, with him bringing in more money than he made in the NBA with $100 million in 2014.

Nowadays, Nike’s website lists Jordan basketball sneakers from $100 to $195 in men’s sizes.

With the violence and high price associated with Air Jordans, does Marbury have a point in his criticism of the brand and Jordan or is he simply hating just to be hating?

Do you agree?

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(Photo Source: Stephon Marbury Instagram/PR Photos)

24 thoughts on “Stephon Marbury Blasts MJ for ‘Kids Getting Killed’ Over Air Jordans

  1. Sherese on said:

    This is ridiculously! Do white people blame Steve Jobs for iPhone crimes? Of course not, because this is business. We have to teach our kids different!

  2. Timothy Green on said:

    Sheesh ment to post this here… News flash to alot of people, MJ is not a “nice” person, it’s always been said that he’s actually a selfish asshole, but thats besides the point, this man EARNED what he has & doesn’t owe anyone white or black SHIT, here’s an interesting article about what he has done though, personally go out of his way to place blacks in leadership positions in HIS companies, its funny how we want to judge this man on what he “needs to be doing” with his money & power http://​espn.​go.​com/​nba/​story/_/​id/​12034228/​michael-jordan-contribution-black-issues-greater-perceived

  3. We as a people need to tech our children that Michael Jordan and no one else should be our role models. People are quick to say, MJ is not the problem we are. In a sense, this is true.We are the problem , but so is he. Any product that bears his name or his likeness he has some say in the production, the style and of course the price. He doesn’t care or has never addressed kids being killed because they want his shoes. We as the parents need to let our children know that shoes are not important, what’s important is education, not Michael Jordan shoes, Michael Jordan can do more but so can we.

    • I agree. Many of us love to place what we lack onto someone else. MJ is NOT responsible for this problem. He is a business man just like everyone else. If someone goes out trying to steal MJ shoes, that is that person’s problem and criminal behavior. Jordan does NOT owe me nothing. That is why I get off my @#$% go to school, get educated, get my own career, and do for myself and my family and respect others property.

  4. It is terribly sad that not only MJ but countless other black athletes, singers, etc. turn their back on the community. What can one person do with twenty cars and the enormous cost of one car could put plenty of jobs in the neighborhood. They are all selfish and parents need to teach their kids the value of money and the MJ shoes and no other person shoes, clothes, etc. are worth the money being asked.

    • Jordan do NOT owe you, me, or the black community anything. He worked hard for what he has in his pocket. If Jordan and anyone else want to help, that would be great; however, I do not depend nor do I expect for them to a job that everyone should be doing for themselves. Many of us are always expecting a handout. Get off the tail, work hard for yourself in what you are best at and earn your own and RESPECT other property. In my day, Gloria V jeans were the big hit and me and my sisters NEVER went out to steal someone else jeans. We got jobs after school and was able to buy our own if we wanted the jeans. This is about RESPECTING OTHERS PROPERTY, not who is selling it.

    • MJ has given back to the community by supporting, and building for profit prisons………….. this way if you do rob someone for sneakers he can continue to make money when you go to jail.

  5. It is sad that MJ has not given back to the community and he can afford to do it ten times plus. Parents need to teach their children that life is what’s valuable not a pair of tennis. There are many more MJ’s our there that could be helping to uplift the communities.

    • No, we as blacks need to get off our tails and uplift ourselves instead of depending on a ball player to do it. White folks put just as much money in Jordan pocket as blacks yet they are not demanding he do for them. Do it yourself. I work hard for my own money and I will not depend on Jordan or anyone else to do a job that I should be doing for myself.

  6. What’s also sad is these black athletes get all their money and turn their backs on their own people and these same people still support people that could care less about them . Of course young people want the latest hottest things most people do.

    • African American Woman on said:

      The fact that MK and other rich black celebrities sell junk to us should tell us that they realize that as a people, our priorities are ass backwards. Why should they let go of an opportunity to make more money? He obviously knows that there are too many poor black folks ( the ones of us who are more professionally and financially well of wouldn’t be as stupid to run out and blow their rent money on a pair of shoes) who will jump on this nonsense…please please people take responsibility for your stupid choices

    • Oh please. we live in America and this is an economic society. Also, this not limited to black celebs. If you do not like the product, do NOT buy it; however, if someone is stupid to hurt someone over material things, BLAME the person who is committing the crime. People are dying over cell phones yet I do not see no one blaming Mr. Jobs.

  7. Timothy Green on said:

    His frustration is misplaced, the issue at hand is why the F#CK people think its ok to hurt or kill someone over something as petty as a DAMN sneaker, that half the time is ugly as shit anyways(off topic) .. WE need to stop overvaluing material bullshit … is it a self esteem issue?? Lack of morals?? The collapse of society as a whole??

  8. OMG I am so sick of the lack of accountability of our communities. Poor white kids aren’t killing each other over material things. This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with MJ as a person or a black man and attempting to blame a black man who successfully made it out of the hood with his hard work and dedication and then later with strong business sense to maintain his level of success is what is wrong with us as a people. So quick to tear down the ones who make it legitimately while continuing to coddle the ones who rather rob, rape, steal and cheat for material goods. Real talk.

  9. j.hubbert on said:

    I have said all along that Michael jordans shoes, cologne and clothes are all too expensive. all kids want to be like mike but at what cost. Michael is out for mike not the kids

  10. African American Woman on said:

    Kevyn, black people don’t even care! Unfortunately, it’s us buying them and us robbing and killing each other over nonsense. When will we wake up and realize that we are destroying ourselves and bcoming extinct in all aspects because of a lack of a moral foundation and lack of integrity as a people. Anyone who invests that much money in shoes with some rich guy’s name on them is a 1st class IDIOT! Any parent who would even think about buying this nonsense for their child is a 1st class IDIOT. The only thing MK has in common with any of these people is skin color. We have to stop being so stupid and be more enterprising. Put that money in a college fund, invest it, save it, start a business…MK doesn’t need or care about your little money, he’ll survive.

    • and if a black person go to college, invest it an start a business and has a product that someone who steal from another person, you will still have the same problem and be blaming that black person. What you just layed out is what Jordan (went to college, companies invested in him, and he is in the business of advertising his brand in shoes). Some of us always want to find an excuse on the problems we bring on ourselves. This is not a black problem, this is an INDIVIDUAL problem. Respect others property, no one will have this issue. I see Million dollar homes that I would love to live in and I do not go out trying to hurt the owners in order to get it. Put the blame where it belongs: ON THE INDIVIDUAL.

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