The hefty price tag for Air Jordan sneakers and the fatal consequences for kids enamored with the footwear have struck a nerve with Stephon Marbury.

The former New York Knick took to social media to blast Michael Jordan for the violence he has ensued over the highly sought after kicks.

Labeling Michael Jordan, an NBA legend and six-time champion, “greedy,” Marbury retweeted fans while noting the struggles some parents may face to buy Jordans for their children.

In addition, Marbury touched on the fact that the masses have gotten “caught up in the greatness” of Jordan and vowed that “the time would change.”

The following are Marbury’s tweets pertaining to Jordan:





Marbury’s comments come as he prepares to bring back his Starbury sneakers, which were once on sale for $15 at the now-closed Steve and Barrys stores, a tenth of what Air Jordans go for today.

The violent history of Air Jordan sneakers was noted by Vibe, which referenced several riots taking place at sneaker stores following the release of the Jordans in 2014, 2012 and 2011. Three people were killed following the releases during that time.

In December, a 16-year-old boy in Ohio was shot and killed after attempting to steal a pair of limited edition Jordans. Jordan’s relationship with his popular sneaker brand has been a profitable one, with him bringing in more money than he made in the NBA with $100 million in 2014.

Nowadays, Nike’s website lists Jordan basketball sneakers from $100 to $195 in men’s sizes.

With the violence and high price associated with Air Jordans, does Marbury have a point in his criticism of the brand and Jordan or is he simply hating just to be hating?

Do you agree?

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