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NEW YORK (AP) — Knicks coach Derek Fisher was involved in an altercation with Memphis Grizzlies forward and former teammate Matt Barnes in California on Saturday, a person with knowledge of the details said.

The New York Post, citing an anonymous source, reported Wednesday that the altercation was because Fisher is dating Barnes’ estranged wife. Fisher filed for divorce from his wife, Candace, in March.

The person said Fisher traveled to Los Angeles after practice Saturday to see his children and the altercation happened that night while Fisher was attending a gathering at the home of Gloria Govan, Barnes’ estranged wife. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because no comments were authorized.


Fisher missed practice Monday — the team announced at the time it was for personal reasons — and led the Knicks in their exhibition opener Wednesday night against a Brazilian club team.

“My state of mind is that we have a game tonight and nothing that I’ve experienced has anything to do with how we perform tonight,” Fisher said before the game, adding that he was “completely focused and committed to the team.”

“I’m not distracted in any way,” he said.

Fisher and Barnes were teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers from 2010-12. The Grizzlies held training camp last week in Santa Barbara, California, and the Post reported that Barnes drove to Govan’s home when he learned that Fisher was there.

“We are aware and currently gathering information regarding today’s report involving Matt Barnes,” the Grizzlies said in a statement. “We have no further comment at this time.”

An NBA spokesman said it would be premature to comment.

Fisher said he told his players about the situation when he gathered them before the game because he wanted them to hear about it from him directly.

“I’m here, I’m focused,” he said. “It’s not something that’s going to take me away from who we are or what we’re trying to do and I assured them of that.”

Fisher is in his second season with the Knicks after spending most of his playing career in Los Angeles, where his children remain. He said his family decision should show his commitment to his job in New York.

“So as far as that goes, the guys are the ones ultimately who know who I am and what I’m about. They see me every day,” Fisher said. “If guys feel like I’m not here or not focused, they’ll find that out.”

The Govan family are no strangers to drama with their NBA hubby’s. Gloria’s younger sister and former Basketball Wives: LA star, Laura was engaged to Gilbert Arenas.


The former couple share four kids together and are currently in the midst of a nasty legal battle, where the former NBA player is suing Laura for libel.


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(Photo Source: Matt Barnes, Gloria & Laura Govan Instagram, PR Photos)

14 thoughts on “Matt Barnes Drives 95 Miles To Confront Derek Fisher Over Barnes’ Estranged Wife

  1. Lady T on said:

    This is a familiar sad and pitiful story on all low levels. I’m so sorry these children have to experience this ignorance from supposedly grown adults who are shamefully portraying themselves as parents. It’s a shame there aren’t requirements for becoming Parents other than laying around with each other and having the nerve to multiply!

  2. These are prime examples of women having children out of wedlock and “hoping” the men change their attitudes and commit to relationships when the intent is not there to begin with. If you marry first and start with a solid foundation the likely hood of this happening is smaller. No amount of money should be the driving force for women ending up being single mothers regardless of who the man is! But God first and seek Him!

    • Beeg1966 on said:

      She posted these pictures on her facebook page or snapchat. They loves to show their kids, gold diggers have no limited. She hoping they will get a modeling deal, so she can live of them.. Her and her sister need to go away…

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Chalemaine called it right this morning both these dudes are the “donkey of the day”, which is just another name for jackasses.

  4. I think blackamericaweb has hit a new low. What reason do you have for showing the kids photo in the article. To show their photos was improper, immoral, dishonorable, unprofessional and wrong. The site is slowly becoming trash.

  5. What would you do? on said:

    Lovers quarrels….. You had to see it coming from a previous BAW article of Barnes unexpectedly divorcing his wife. Men set an positive example for the kids. Grow up!

    • What would you do? on said:

      Opps I forgot one ….. in addition Fisher divorcing his wife. But at the end of the day I wish we stop putting families personal business in the media. Its none of our business unless they are reaching out for help. Where are the stories of some kid helping an elderly woman cross the street or helping her with her groceries or someone randomly paying for someones meal at a restaurant because they were short on cash to pay the bill, etc, etc……

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