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Taryll, Taj, & TJ Jackson of 3T are the new stars of Lifetime’s  docuseries, which focuses on the third generation of the infamous Jackson family.

The trio talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about their new reality show, The Jacksons: Next Generation about the misconceptions of being a Jackson, how much the rumors really hurt and much more.

TJ on the rumors surrounding his family:

“We’re real people. We have hearts and we bleed. Especially when you’re targeting kids. I’ve been through this. We’re not perfect. We cry, we hurt…we’re regular people.”

The biggest misconception of being a Jackson:

“The perception is that we live off of Jackson family money. We all work hard, we weren’t raised spoiled and bratty. Our parents raised us right.”

On TJ being the co-guardians of Michael’s kids:

“It’s a lot of work. Like my parents were and like what I saw with my uncle Michel. It’s important to be there for your kids and be attentive. I’ve kind of overloaded myself where it’s affecting our career.”

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