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Wesley Snipes’ new drama The Player debuted on NBC last week and he talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his new role, the rumors of him being offered the part of Lucious Lyon on Empire and the possibility of another installment of his popular franchise Blade.

In the high action drama, Wesley plays Mr. Johnson, the Pit Boss in a high-stakes game where wealthy individuals bet on crime.


Does he prefer film or television?:

“I still like film. I’m still a newbie in this but I can tell you it’s a big difference. The amount of time you have to create a feature film and the amount of time you have to create a television show is different.”

Did he really turn down Empire?

“It was true. The show is doing well and the actors are great. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve offered and turned down a role. I really didn’t want to be part of a show were I had to carry the entire show.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview. The Player airs on NBC Thursday’s at 10p/9p CST.

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17 thoughts on “Wesley Snipes Confirms ‘Blade 4?’, Reveals Why He Really Turned Down ‘Empire’

  1. the show is a sucess as it is. with the beautiful people they have. im trying to decide if i would watch it with wesley as Lucious and the other girl as Cookie. Naw they would have made it a dark and broody show.and not the fun show that it is to watch.

  2. Sandra D. on said:

    What a jerk. I won’t be watching his new show. Haven’t seen anything he has been a part of for years – since that infamous interview where he put down Black women.

  3. As usual, Melinda Johnson … the mass of people have ASSUMED the wrong idea. We spend way too much time trying to “guess what is going on with someone else, when we don’t have a clue about them or ourselves for that matter”. I, too, thought he was talking about the amount of TIME he would have to dedicate to the show and not have enough time to make movies and did not consider his statement one of egotism. But you interviewers really know how to put people on the defensive, huh?

    • Karen Day on said:

      People….he meant being the main characters on the show, that’s all. Also he is a movie actor first and he’s a great actor of yesterday trying to make a comeback. Stop being sooooo judgemental and holding on to old outdated comments of the man from long ago. Let it go. There are plenty of great shows on tv other than Empire, try switching the channels for diversity, try watching the news, or go register to vote, read a book…..

      • Lisa Boozer on said:

        Karen while you are certainly entitled to your interpretation of his comments, I have my own interpretation. Also, when you say stop being judgmental you might want to take your own advice. Your assumption that people who are leaving comments aren’t diverse in their TV programming, don’t watch the news, don’t read books and are not registered to vote is very judgmental.

      • Karen Day, he meant what he said – he did not want to be part of a show where he had to carry it! Taraji is no chopped liver and the sons get more press and do more promotions than anyone so they have their own fan base. Even Terrence does not carry the whole show. Wesley has always been an egotistical maniacal arse and should be grateful for whatever role(s) he has been offered considering he is on the downside of his career.

      • dare you put folks on blast? Don’t you know they have Empire watch parties and tweet during the show(even though Twitter doesn’t have any black workers). Now now if they take Empire off and the ratchet reality shows, what will the people do??? Who will we text on our new smartphone(that costs more than we have in a savings account) with all the details of Lucious and Cookie.

        Come on Karen…get a grip (insert sarcasm)!

  4. Wesley Snipes should be grateful for whatever he gets. I feel sorry for him; the woman beater, narcissistic loser he is. We’re all thankful you turned it down. Bye Felicia…

  5. redbone1954 on said:

    You were going to have to carry the whole show? Wow I see your huge ego is still in tact. So I guess all the music and everyone else’s contribution would have been lost because you had to carry the whole show? WOW!!!!!!

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