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This story is a nightmare for everyone involved, but the Georgia couple who sat at a court hearing for their sons Cameron Ervin, 17, and Christopher Ervin, 22, expressed that “those were not their boys.”

“We did not raise them that way,” they added.

In the description of the attack, the Ervin sons are accused of brutally beating both parents, trying to suffocate them, as well as also stabbing their father. The sons are also accused of trying to burn down the house according to The New York Daily News.

Yvonne Ervin saved the couple’s life by reportedly sneaking away to call the police while Zachary Ervin distracted them.

The motive for their children’s actions is unknown, although one of the children has been plotting to kill his parents since he was 11 years old, the New York Daily News reports.

The Georgia parents, however, say they love their sons unconditionally and want the world to forgive them just as they have forgiven them.

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