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A police department in Georgia declined to answer a 911 call regarding a White infant spotted with a Black family after finding it “racially insensitive,” WALB 1o reports.

Snellville Police Capt. Greg Perry eventually reported the phone call to the public because he wished to speak out on racial bias. An anonymous person called police to say the child didn’t look like they were in danger, but that the image of a White baby with a Black family was odd, according to the news site.

The anonymous caller said, “This is going to sound really bad but I really don’t care. There is a little white baby…and no one in the car was white. I know that sounds really bad but there are so many missing children.”

Perry says the unnamed supervisor has never declined a call in his/her career, but refused to respond to this particular report, because there was no merit behind it.

“It seemed over-the-top insensitive. Our community is very diverse. Absolutely, he did what I would want him to do,” said Perry.

Snellville Police also addressed the matter on their Facebook page, calling the report “disgusting.”

Citizens were divided over the incident, some believing the SPD was dismissive, while others agreed with their choice not to answer the call. Perry added that alerts are used in the case of missing children.

Where do you stand in this case? Let us know in the comment section below.

SOURCE: WALB 1o, Facebook | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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22 thoughts on “Georgia Police Explain Why They Ignored 911 Call About White Baby With Black Family

  1. Lady Brit on said:

    I agree with the Police officer who took the call. What happens in the instance when there is a black baby in a car full of white people, do they call they police then? The caller said the child didn’t appear to be in any danger yet you called it in anyway. If Christ resided in that heart color wouldn’t have entered into that equation. Amber alerts are for missing children sightings as the chief said. Folk need to get ready for the rapture and stop all this hate. Who will they call about being left behind????

  2. Having well adjusted and balanced children is not easy these days. My daughter has two sets of friends, one is at the church in a poor neighborhood which she loves to volunteer to feed the less fortunate, the other is a group of rich nerds that have pool parties every weekend, and her two group of friends never meet each other.

  3. I believe the call should have been answered. In these times, it’s always best to check whether or not it is a Black child accompanying White folks or White child accompanying Black folks. Too many abductions have been happening not to check. I would call if I saw that situation and wouldn’t care who is upset about it!

  4. That is tough because as a black mom with a mixed race child who looks as white as they come when my child was born..i had to endure all kinds of comments from both races.
    It may seem ignorant of that person to call yet i understand from both perspectives.
    I still err on the side of caution and calling is ok however you know that a white person is highly more likely to raise an eyebrow and come out with isht than a black person.
    Until EVERYone and i mean EVERYONE is EDUCATED properly on geneology, race, and other factors determining race including how and why we are ALL connected on this planet whether we like it or not. Then ignorance and stupidity along with racism will always be a determining factor in cases such as this.

  5. Pkebc259 on said:

    As a fair skinned child of brown skinned parents I applaud the decision of the supervisor. As stated above white folk with black or multiracial children are applauded for “rescuing” children of color from their “distressing” environments but black people with white children are suspect. New century, new millennium…same problem.

  6. People have their own mind set and it is almost impossible to change. Years ago I carried my niece in the store with me. I am fair skin and my niece pale( father white mother is light skin black). The looks I received could had killed me, I can only imagine the thoughts running thru white folks minds. Black people could care less because we have all of the rainbows in our family,.

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