Although Chris Bosh makes $100 million in the NBA, the mother of his daughter is hurting financially with trying to make enough money to take care of bankruptcy payments. reports that Allison Mathis is on the verge of having her Chapter 13 case thrown out of court in light of her situation. If this occurs, she will end up with no assistance available to pay off her debt.

Mathis’ situation stems from her filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy last year in Florida court under claims of having assets and liabilities in the$100,000 – $500,000 range. TheJasmineBrand notes that Mathis listed her real property in the $300,000 range, while she listed her personal property at $20,000. For her home in Windermere, FL, Mathis owes close to $284,000. Mathis was facing foreclosure on the home and a pending lawsuit was filed against her in Orange County, FL, the site added while detailing her monthly income and expenses.

Although Mathis’ monthly income was stated as $3,985, her expenses came in at $1,615. Mathis, a part-time research assistant, brings in $800 a month from income as well as $2,685 in child support from Bosh, and $500 a month from her family to help her.

In the bank, Mathis only had $1,250 in her checking account and $18 in her savings. Mathis’ furniture is $2,000, she claimed, adding that she only made $30,000 income during 2011 and 2012 and $30,000 in child support from Bosh in 2013.

Mathis’ situation comes amid years of battling Bosh in court, with both of them going at each other with nasty allegations. Earlier this year, the former couple settled their custody and child support battle. Despite this, Mathis still has a bone to pick with Bosh as she is currently suing the athlete for allegedly ruining her chance to have a spot on the VH1’s “Basketball Wives.”

As for her bankruptcy situation, Mathis made an effort to resolve the situation by signing a re-payment plan as part of her bankruptcy.

According to the plan, she was to pay $2,969 a month to her creditors for the first 9 months and $3,815.39 a month for the next 50 months after that.

Things apparently took a negative turn as a trustee in the bankruptcy case filed court documents earlier this month, which state that Mathis had not made payments on the bankruptcy plan to her creditors. Court documents in the case reveal that the nonpayment has caused Mathis to be $7,462 behind in payments.

As a result, the bankruptcy trustee is demanding that the bankruptcy be thrown out of court, which would make Mathis responsible for paying the debt on her own.

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