Randall Kerrick, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer who gunned down Jonathan Ferrell while the unarmed man was seeking help following a car accident on September 14, 2013, will not face retrial, the New York Daily News reports.

A jury deadlocked 8-4 last week on deciding whether or not to find Kerrick guilty of voluntary manslaughter, subsequently, a judge declared a mistrial.

More details below:

The Ferrell family has settled a lawsuit with the city of Charlotte, receiving $2.25 million. Chris Chestnut, the attorney for the Ferrell family, wasn’t immediately available for comment, but Ferrell’s mother told The Charlotte Observer that she doesn’t think prosecutors tried hard enough to convict Kerrick.

“They didn’t try hard enough. It was just another black life,” Georgia Ferrell told the Observer. “They don’t care.”

She said two prosecutors called her Friday morning to tell her that the case would not be retried.

“I am going to continue to fight,” she said. She already planned to use part of the civil settlement for a foundation named for her son. “I am going to work on the foundation, continue to work for justice. It’s not the end.”

Kerrick has been free on bond. He is suspended without pay from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

On Friday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Kerry Putney said internal affairs will conduct an investigation to determine if Kerrick “followed all department policies and procedures” in the shooting.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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