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We’ve all been there, you catch yourself in the mirror and think “Damn, I look good. Let me take a selfie” –  Serena Williams is no different.

The tennis superstar shared a cute photo on Instagram of her snapping a selfie in a bathroom showing off her curves with the caption “Look back at it”.

Go head on Serena! We bet her rumored beau Drake enjoyed the photo too.

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15 thoughts on “Serena Williams Shows Off Curves in Bathroom Selfie [PHOTO]

  1. Jerry Washington on said:

    Fortunately,I only date beautiful black women.
    Serena is the epitome of brains,beauty,and agility.
    You give me nice dreams.

  2. The Cat on said:

    Ms. Williams is making history and setting a example for young athlete to follow especially our young ladies, and looking Damn Good during it!

  3. cedric jones on said:

    She is finer than a motherfucker,I won’t throw her back….Rev. Run u are just stupid as hell cause u want a sister but,they don’t want your ass…don’t be talking bout our sisters punk!

  4. ms sass on said:

    Nice picture. There is nothing manly about those curves. People dont know what to say out there mouth.they dont feel good unless there putting someone else down.

  5. Beautiful, strong banging body!! So to the creep that said she only won because she’s shaped like a man, in your face..jealous, ass, MF!!!

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