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White House corespondent April Ryan talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about Donald Trump  kicking Univision anchor and Journalist Jorge Ramos out of his latest press conference and his current standings in the race.

“The Univision thing was very bad. The unfortunate thing is that people don’t understand the back and forth between the press and the White House. When you are in a room with a principal, you want to get an answer from that candidate. Particularly when he is talking so much derogatory stuff about Mexican babies born at the border. You want an answer from your community. say “go back to Univision”, it was very negative and some perceive it as a racial. There is a certain dance that we do with the press with the principal.  It was great that he brought him back but the damage was already done,” Ryan said.

Ryan says that Fox reporter Megyn Kelly was also targeted by Trump, despite the fact that the journalist was asking some important questions.

But the real question is, can Trump win as a backlash agains the Obama presidency and because of the will of some angry, racist whites?

“We have not seen this before. I just don’t know. We just don’t know,” says Ryan.

As for some of his more outlandish proposals, Ryan says that Trump’s s not providing any concrete ways to make them happen.

“I’m hearing him we need to have the border, the 2,000 mile border paid for by Mexico. They’re not going to pay for the border. And what about his deportation plan? There’s a huge economic side of this that people are not considering. And then talking about Constitutionality which the Republican Party has been so firm on [maintaining].

Ryan says that although some political insiders believe that, in the words of Roland Martin, Trump’s candidacy is ‘summer follies’ but others believe that Trump has a legitimate shot, as he’s currently leading the polls.

‘We’re not hearing a groundswell from the African-American community on the Democratic side or the Republican side. Of course not on the Republican side because you’re not hearing issues that pertain to the Black community. Right now, all lives matter but Black issues are on the table and Black people are in play and that’s why we’ve got to make all the candidates listen to us.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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5 thoughts on “‘It Was Negative And Some Perceive It As Racial’ – April Ryan On Donald Trump’s Latest Stunt

  1. First who the hell is April Ryan? Never heard of her, Tom Joyner had to dig real deep to find someone to disparage Trump. Second, Ramos wasn’t there to ask a question, he was there to make a speech. He spoke out of turn and Trump asked him to wait. Also, Ramos could not answer Trump’s question whether we should deport all the gangsters.

    • Enrique on said:

      Chris is 100 percent correct. Ramos isn’t a reporter he’s a socialist activist with an agenda. He spoke out of turn and rudely would not wait his turn. He also didn’t really have any questions for Trump he was lecturing everyone and spilling forth his vitriolic socialist agenda. Ramos should pack his bags and move back to Mexico. In fact the US should adopt the immigration laws of Mexico they are draconian compared to ours. He did the right thing by putting Ramos in his place and not caving in to ridiculous political correctness.This is why Trump is resonating with so many Americans including this Hispanic male, This is what the liberal jerk offs do not understand. The small liberal media do not represent the ideas and feelings of mainstream Americans.

  2. Didn’t sound racial to me. I just think he wanted to make sure everyone knows that he ain’t no Bernie Sanders, so don’t even think about bullying him and taking over his Q&A. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. Now that people know you can run up on ol’ Bernie and take over his mic, he won’t be able to get a word in edgewise. Trump knows that you teach people how to treat you. Now they know. Hope Bernie learned something.

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