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Yesterday’s revelations that NBA and Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose was named in a civil lawsuit alleging that he and his friends gang raped a former girlfriend were a shock to many, as the star has had no previous legal troubles. Today, through his lawyers, Rose denied any involvement in a rape, saying he and the woman had a consensual non-exclusive relationship for over 2 years. Rose’s lawyer, Lisa Cohen issued a statement on Rose’s behalf.

“The plaintiff’s allegations are completely false and without any factual basis. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt to shake down a highly respected and successful athlete.

Mr. Rose was in a non-exclusive, consensual sexual relationship with the plaintiff for over two years. The plaintiff expressed no complaints about Mr. Rose until various lawyers began to surface and demand that the plaintiff be paid millions of dollars.

This is the third lawyer the plaintiff has retained in this matter. Two years have passed since Mr. Rose ended the consensual relationship with the plaintiff and her claims are as meritless now as they were two years ago.

We have complete confidence that the case will be dismissed and that Mr. Rose will be vindicated. This lawsuit is outrageous.”

Original story below: 

What the hell …

Even if it’s not true, for the allegations to become public, it’s not a good look.

Specifically, NBA star Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls is being sued for unspecified damages by a woman who claims the NBA point guard and two of his friends drugged and gang raped her.

As reported by TMZ, the woman, who is being identified as “Jane Doe” says she and Rose dated from 2011 to 2013. During that time, Rose allegedly tried to pressure her to masturbate in front of him, allow him to have sex with her friends and engage in group sex with strangers, all of which she says she refused. Rose’s accuser says the two continued to date until August 2013, when Rose and two friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton (who is also Rose’s personal manager), invited her to Rose’s Beverly Hills house.

She says there, they slipped a drug into her drink with the aim of raping her.

The plaintiff says she escaped the house with a friend, but later that night, Rose and his friends broke into her apartment and gang raped her while she was incapacitated. She says she remembers only “flashes” of the incident, but can remember the defendants forcibly raping her.

“Jane Doe” says she waited for two years to file the suit because she was “ashamed and embarrassed” of what happened and concerned her “conservative family” would find out.

As of this posting, neither Rose or his legal reps have responded.

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30 thoughts on “UPDATE: Derrick Rose Responds To Gang Rape Lawsuit

  1. BTW, we should all ignore any racist comments made by anyone on this sight as they are only getting satisfaction out of the angry responses that are posted back to the. Just ignore, ignorance.

  2. Sh claims he broke in and raped her. This is what is puzzling to me. If she were actually drugged and unresponsive as she claims, how does she know he broke in? Could it be that they were all taking Molly or whatever in the hell is the new free love drug and she participated as she had so many times before and when he refused to wife her, she became upset and cried foul/rape?

  3. Another retarded blackboy who would be cleaning toilets if not for his nba career. This low iq retard gets away with anything though because of black privilege. The owner of the clippers makes racist comments in the privacy of his own home and is forced to sell his team. Al Sharpton makes racial slurs against whites in public and he gets his own tv show.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Okay I know this is off the topic but looking at his hair in this photo makes me want to find the electric HOT PICK and pick his hair out hahaha. (slow day at work lol)

  5. Beeg1966 on said:

    I believe her, but not the rape part. She did everything she said he TRIED TO PRESSURE her to do. He used her and now she mad. Stupid chickenhead…

  6. Patricia McClain on said:

    I really don’t think this happen, cause I’m a woman and the mother of 3 sons. I just don’t think any woman is going to wait 2yrs, and then go after money not jail. Not buying the bull.

  7. Sounds to me like hell has no wrath like a woman scorned. I don’t believe this for one minute. You date him for 2 years then was gang raped, and didn’t report it, then you come back 2 years later with this story. Come on now, I’m a woman and I find that hard to believe.

  8. The Lioness on said:

    So you didn’t go to the police….you wait two years to file a civil suit… still dated him although you say he wanted you to participate in crazy sex acts…..hmmmmm….and you probsly know about the moral clause in his contract to huh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. So he has a baby a couple of yrs old and married for say 2 or 3 yrs now and this is just coming out? She must be hanging out with Dwade X wife….. just saying. .

  10. She lyin. She probably pre-meditated from jump….and real women don’t go to dude’s houses at night. Wtf if NOT to f? Don’t play or be stupid out here black men and women! And if she white, you DOUBLE stupid.

  11. Milliegjackson on said:

    Rape is about violence and control not sexual pleasure and gratification. I hope & pray the truth comes out & if they’re guilty, only the maximum sentence will be fair.☺

    • Timothy Green on said:

      …… uhmmmm did you read the article?? … CIVIL suit …. she wants millions of dollars for her “pain & suffering” she endured, apparently the authorities were never alerted about this vicious gangbang, so even if he were to lose, he’s not facing jail or punishment beyond financial

    • Timothy Green on said:

      Put himself into what situation?? …never knew a man dating a woman was some kind of peculiar situation these days .. so if he was dating another man then you’d be more open minded to alternate theories of what could be going on here vs your current thought of “he a straight man, dated a woman, he wrong” ….

      • Beeg1966 on said:

        OK, Timothy, she said he tried to pressure her into group sex, sex with his friends, etc. So if she did not want to do these things, why in the world would she keep on dating him.. she is a chickenhead looking for money. Why not go to the cops….

  12. Timothy Green on said:

    Sounds like a gold digger that wants a check another way, since he aint slip up & get her pregnant.. you were “raped” TWO YEARS ago, didnt report it & now filed a CIVIL SUIT aka gimme money gimme money … how does her “conservative family” feel bout her trying cash in on being “raped”?!

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