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CORINTH, Miss. (AP) — A manhunt was underway Wednesday for a suspect who shot a police officer with the officer’s gun when the two got into a struggle, authorities said.

The officer was checking on a report of a prowler at a blind woman’s house when he spotted a man wearing dark clothes and carrying a backpack. When the officer shined a light on the suspect, the man charged the officer, Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance said.

“They struggled, and the suspect turned the officer’s hand and pulled the trigger twice. The officer never lost his weapon,” the chief said.

Officer Kevin Parker Jr. “was shot in the chest, and the vest protected him. The second shot was in the shoulders,” Dance told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal ( “The doctors don’t think it hit any bones, and he should recover fine.”

The officer was in good condition at a Tupelo hospital.

“We’ve got an army of people up here looking for the suspect,” Dance said.

Dance said Parker and other officers responded to a prowler call around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. The officers did not find anyone in the area at that time, but Parker went back about two hours later to check on the blind woman’s house.

After the shots were fired, the suspect, a black man, fled and Parker called for assistance by radio. The officer is white.

While the patrol car does have an in-car camera, Dance said the incident happened so fast that the officer was unable to activate the camera in time.

The shooting was first reported by WTVA-TV in Tupelo ( ).

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12 thoughts on “Mississippi Police Officer Shot, Search On For Suspect

  1. At 2:30 a.m., a White officer is shot in Mississippi.

    The suspect is Black.

    The officer was shot once in the chest but his vest protected him.
    The officer was shot again in the shoulder,

    “The doctors don’t think it hit any bones, and he should recover fine.”
    “The officer was in good condition.”

    The suspect is Black.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Timothy, you are so right. It’s pathetic that people would rather remain stuck in apathy, rather then be responsible for their own destiny. Why work towards the whole loaf when you can Seattle for crumbs. So backwards and sad

  3. African American Woman on said:

    I wish we would go back to the days when,il in the black community, you wouldn’t dare to do so stupid that you embarrassed your family. Now, our standards are so low that we now accept it, defend it and ignore the fact that our own people are taking us down and out and we ignore that fact so that we can remain perpetual victims of “the white man” SMH…again

    • Timothy Green on said:

      Who needs personal responsibility when u can just blame others for everything, … unfortunately its become the way of the world now

  4. None of us know what really happened, but we certainly know that “suspect” will suffer if found. It’s the cops word against his.. he could have been totally innocent (coming from work, or a night out OR up to no good), but the current atmosphere of cops vs. citizens has everyone on edge.

  5. Honestly on said:

    COPS = Criminals On Patrol. No one is safe from these savages. The Police and Priest are both predators hiding behind a myth of trust and honesty while committing nefarious acts.

  6. African American Woman on said:

    This is so stupid that there are actually people feeling sorry for this criminal. So many hypocrites. If the story was reversed, those black lives matter fools would be out having a fit. Y’all defending a criminal who could care less about other black people or black causes who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot you either. Stupidity should be a crime, but then the jails would seriously be over crowded

  7. Honestly on said:

    The thugs in blue have brought this on themselves with their savage attacks on the citizenry of this country. A white couple in Oklahoma killed a cop recently. This will get worse for all involved because the trust between police and public is nonexistent.

    • The ones that things will get worse for are the ones like the animal they’re hunting for, and law abiding citizens that happen to live in high crime areas. If you doubt it, read about what’s been happening in Ferguson since the “thugs in blue” stop responding to calls from “thugs in black” high crime areas. Oh, it’s going to get worse alright. Just not how you imagine it.

  8. Timothy Green on said:

    SMH, incidents like this will be used to justify police being quick to shoot people .. this foolishness needs to stop, suspect initiated altercations, officer initiated altercations, it all needs to stop

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