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As if we don’t already have enough things wearing us down and making us exhausted, the last thing we need is to have the food we are eating making us look tired and worn out! There is nothing worse than someone saying, “Man, you look tired!” Who wants to hear that? If you’re getting enough rest at night, try staying away from these foods, the culprits of dark circles, puffy eyes and bad skin in general!

1. Candy

It’s sweet, it occupies your mouth when you’re bored and it puts a smile on your face, but candy is not worth those tired bags! It has no dietary benefit and the concentrated amount of sugar will give your body an insulin spike that will peak and then crash just as quickly. This makes you not only look tired, but feel tired as well.

2. Doughnuts

They are both fried and sugar filled. In general, fried foods along with sugar are energy killers! The unfortunate part is these doughnuts are often eaten in the morning. This is the worst time of the day to eat such a buzz kill. But, they are good though!

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