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As the story goes, Wesley Snipes was approached to play Lucious Lyon in Fox’s breakout phenomenon “Empire” before it was offered to its current occupant Terrence Howard.

In January, creator Lee Daniels confirmed Snipes as an original casting choice for the Lyon patriarch, then, explained how star Taraji P. Henson strongly suggested that her “Hustle and Flow” co-star Terrence Howard play her on-screen love nemesis, or she would bow out of her role as Cookie.

This photo provided by Fox shows,Taraji P. Henson, left, as Cookie, and Terrence Howard, right, as Lucious, in the special two-hour “Die But Once/Who I Am” season finale episode of "Empire." "Empire" and "Mad Men" are among the leading contenders for the 67th Emmy Award nominations, to be announced 11:30 a.m. EDT Thursday, July 16, 2015, in West Hollywood, Calif. The Los Angeles ceremony will air Sept. 20 on Fox with host Andy Samberg. (Chuck Hodes/Fox via AP)

On Thursday, Snipes told EURweb that he actually passed on the part.

“Yeah, the ‘Empire’ thing did come across my desk and it just, the combination of things and the time demands didn’t make it viable,” he told us after Thursday’s Television Critics Association panel for his upcoming NBC series “The Player.”

Asked if Lucious Lyon was a character he would’ve been interested in playing had his schedule permitted, Snipes would only say, “I could’ve walked through that no problem. Nino could’ve done that,” he added, referring to his infamous drug kingpin role in “New Jack City.”

“[Lucious] would’ve been a refined Nino,” laughed Snipes. “If Nino didn’t die, he would’ve been Lucious.”

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16 thoughts on “Wesley Snipes Explains Why He Passed on ‘Empire’ [LISTEN]

  1. jerry Washington on said:

    obviously I’m sure miss this night would have loved to have played that role since no one can play with the lion like he did when he played me know it would have been the perfect to us and that’s no disrespect to the brother is playing right now just as with webOS I bring the certain as to any character that he plays and it makes it believable that makes makes it out of makes you want to go down the street and meet this person although in reality you wouldn’t

  2. I’m glad he turned it down. I could not picture him in bed with Taraji or playing a sexy role. I like Wesley Snipes as an actor, but he’s too old for that part.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    I could see Nino as Lucious, but I think that scene with Lucious’ son and boo kitty screwing would have gone a little different lol.

  4. ChristopherSTorres on said:

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