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Rick Ross is free to go wherever. Sort of.

TMZ reports the rapper was approved by an Atlanta judge on Thursday to start traveling on business trips. The catch is that Ross will be required to wear an ankle monitor.

Ross, who appeared in court, for the judge’s decision, looked to be happy over the ruling.

As a result of the decision, the entertainer must give the District Attorney five days notice of any travel. This includes flight times, where he’s staying, and why he has to go. In addition, Ross was given a two-hour grace period to get to his house, once he returns to Atlanta.

To see Ross’ chat with the media after leaving court, check out the video below:

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(Photo/Video Source: TMZ)


3 thoughts on “Rick Ross Gets OK to Travel…For Work Purposes Only [VIDEO]

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I wonder if he’s got some upcoming concerts, he’s going look mighty crazy with that ankle bracelet. I’m sure his fans are used to it.

  2. ChristopherSTorres on said:

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