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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Richmond police say a white officer wounded in a shootout with a black man who was killed is expected to fully recover.

Police said the shooting occurred Wednesday after officers responded to a report of an armed man in an area west of downtown.

Police Chief Alfred Durham said two officers approached the man, who fled. Police chased him, and shots were fired by police and the suspect. It’s unclear who shot first and how many shots were fired.

The chief said race didn’t have anything to do with the shooting. Officers across the nation have come under greater scrutiny recently as videos and other evidence has shown blacks being mistreated, injured or killed by white officers.

The wounded officer was shot in the arm. He is a nine-year veteran.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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13 thoughts on “White Officer Recovering After Shootout With Black Suspect

  1. ambientbake on said:

    Well, we can be glad that the criminal thug is dead and the cop will be okay. God Bless the Cops and pizz on the criminals who would fight with and harm police officers.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Linda, you have have mental issues. If you don’t like the police, why don’t you move to a country where there are no or little police involvement and see how you like it there. I bet you’d be the first one on the phone calling 911 if you needed to.

    You sound like a fool and a one trick pony. You say the same idiotic rant on every post you make. Get a life and a therapist.

  3. I said it. on said:

    Kate, hopefully you’ll interact with an officer with that mentality soon because we’ve all worn off your overuse of that cliche.

  4. Linda on said:

    The day when all of these senseless MURDERS by PIGS ceases, when POS RACIST ones are finally brought to justice for their behavior and are given serious jail time, when law enforcement officers show some RESPECT for people of color is when I will change my opinion of them.

    I have more RESPECT for the Fire Department people than I do any cop because when the Firemen/women go out to a fire they are not promised to come back from it. They actually place their lives on the line every time they answer that bell in the firehouse!

    Cops will sit in their patrol cars-see stuff happen/turn their heads!

  5. specialt757 on said:

    One thing for sure Linda has never waivered, she hates the POS pigs! With all the newly released videos of POs killing and treatment of black people in general, there are many more who feel the same as she does.

  6. demp109 on said:

    I’m glad the officer will be ok. There are more good ones than bad….Just sayin’…They have been there when I needed them.

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