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He may have been the one in charge on “Celebrity Apprentice,” but don’t expect Vivica A. Fox to be among those voting to put Donald Trump in charge of the United States.

Chatting recently with “Access Hollywood Live” while promoting her new film “6 Ways To Die,” Fox weighed in on controversial comments Trump as made while campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. While she will always have respect for the business mogul, Fox voiced her disagreement with Trump over what he’s been saying.

“[Trump] as a presidential candidate has not went too well in my opinion,” she said. “He’s leading the Republican Party as far as the percentage of votes… everyone’s talking about him. He’s getting folks out, but some of the statements he’s making are quite offensive.”

As a former competitor on “Celebrity Apprentice,” Fox has seen how Trump can be. As the leader among the field of Republican presidential hopefuls, the controversial executive has emerged as the man to watch as he heads into the first official GOP debate on Thursday (Aug. 6).

In recent weeks, Trump has garnered negative feedback among many people for offensive comments targeting undocumented Mexican immigrants.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you,” Trump said in July. “They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Responding to Trump’s remarks about Mexicans, Fox clearly didn’t share the same views.

“To lump all Mexicans and call them rapists… it was just a bit much,” the entertainer said. “We live in the United States of America. We have beautiful nationalities that are all doing well. I think he forgot about some of his Republican Party members even having significant others that are Mexicans.”

As for whether she could ever vote for Trump for President, Fox didn’t leave much for speculation.

“No, absolutely not,” she said. “He will not get my vote.”

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22 thoughts on “Vivica A. Fox Says Donald Trump ‘Absolutely Will Not Get My Vote’

  1. @dakillsjie. Bitch I’m very informed in politics. I watch the shit evert day u ignorant ramous bitch. As far as the repiblithugs they only represent the whitey. They don’t represent all the ppl. Now put that in ur pipe and smoke it bitch

  2. marvin bell on said:

    Thats great Viv lol. We agree 100 percent. Buut u were employed for the Slave master trump at one time. But thats in the pass.. We are moving forward correct.

  3. So this Nutcase Ghetto Hood Rat is Now a Black Political Pundit ? I don’t think so ! TRUMP never said ALL Mexicans, so give that lie a break ! The Democrat Party has taken the BLACK Vote for Granted for the Last 60 Years and got NOTHING in return, time to Leave OL Massas Plantation people ! Very few Black people are Aware that After LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, he leaned to the side and told one of his Aides ” this should guarantee N * * G * 8 RS vote Demoncrat for the Next 200 Years ”

    Black Folks need to stop being the LACKEY LAPDOGS of the Democrat party !

    • he did said all mexicans and if you think that the repu. party is going to do any thing for the poor or middle class .. they do not want to do anything about gun control when our children are being kill in our schools , movie theater and ,more place and we should feel safet… I will never vote for a repu.

      • How Stupid are You ? He NEVER said All Mexicans, cut your Lies ! Blacks lives are not a Product of Gun Violence, they are a Direct Result of DRUGS you Dumb Monkey ! So keep Voting Democrat and stay a Slave with your OBUMAPHONE ! Your Kind is an Embarrassment to the Black Race ! Dumb n getting Dumber, too Stupid to Read and get the Facts, just going on Hearsay !

  4. Positive and productive, check the record. It’s just wrong to group all people as one. There’s some good in all people. This nation was founded on Imagrants. Again, check the record.

  5. So Trump can’t lump people who are criminals in one bucket BUT Black Lives Matter can treat criminals better than police???? And you wonder why I watch Fox News more and more…… were beheaded and murdered here because of a illegal immigration debt but I know I know white police would have had to kill these babies for us to care!

    • what do one thing have to do with the other police are killing black people every day…and this has been going on for 200 years and more yes black live matter … .. police are put here to serve and protect the people … not kill someone because they run, talk back, or do not put out your cigrette. or you go to jail… police tells lies..all the time.. they think that they are above the law..trump is a joke…

  6. October on said:

    How many registered Democrats will vote for Hillary, just because. Neither the Democrats or Republicans don’t give a damn about the AA vote.

  7. merrakesh on said:

    I think Trump is absolutely right…. Mexico uses the US to care for its people by creating the situation in the poorest parts of their country so untenable that people are either forced to leave or die

    • people forget that texas is mexico.. so who are those people…every place in calif. have a mexican name.. so who are those people the ones that came here and took there land and now said that it there.. all the people in the us immigrated from some where else… black was taken and brought here we had no choose… only orginal people here is the indian.. and they put them on the poorest part of the land so please do not talk like this is your country.. it was stolen

    • Vet Mom on said:

      My gurl fellow Terp alum G Rancic’s (formerly E News, she outgrew the untalented sex tape empire network anyway hahaha) hubby Bill, who won, was in my fave Apprentice class with Kwame, Omorosa etc. (OMG I had fun reading Black Enterprise critiques of show hahaha)! Trump is being Trump. That is why his numbers are rising. People are tired of the Presidential WH family businesses of Clintons and Bush’s! I would vote for Trump over a woman who sold her dignity and stayed with a wh@ for politics. Still shocked Chelsea turned out so intelligent!!

  8. specialt757 on said:

    While I do think he won’t make a great leader for our country, everything he says is not wrong IMO. He won’t get my vote because he’s an asshole, and no one cares about that. But if V. Fox would have come out to say “he DOES have her vote”, folks would have been up in arms about it. We already know Stacy, Charles, Tiger, and a few regulars on here will vote for “the Chump”. But as in Dave Chappelle’s skit “these are black folks white people can have.”

  9. Her one vote doesn’t mean a damn thing. One thing for certain Hillary or Donald needs to win to finally get something done positive and productive in this country. And the got damn illegals need to go back home. The word illegal means illegal.

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