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Former New York Yankees great Reggie Jackson hasn’t played in years, but made news recently for cursing out a fan who asked for a second picture after he’d already taken one with the baseball Hall of Famer. Sherri Shepherd says she doesn’t mind taking pictures with and signing autographs for fans, but she does have a few fan pointers. They include choosing the photographer wisely, sharing group shots instead of every person in a group taking an individual picture and more. Here are a few of her suggestions for fans.

1. Don’t talk while taking a picture:

Then you want another one. ‘Oh, I don’t like this side, I gotta get another picture. And if you got a flip phone you don’t need to be taking a picture. Because then you gotta scroll through the Aaa, Bbb….

2. Choose your photographer carefully: 

I don’t believe in not taking pictures because that’s a memory they can go home with. Don’t let your Auntie Ena take the pictures, like mine, don’t let your mama take the picture. Give it to somebody young whose hand doesn’t shake. ‘But then the picture didn’t come out and I need to take another one.” But then I get mad, because I’ve seen you on the line and it’s so many people and my jaw starts hurting. And eat something fruit or vegetables or Altoids. If it’s a group, then let’s take a family picture.

3. Don’t touch places you’re not supposed to:

“Uncle Willie, stop touching my butt. Stop touching where you –  uh, uh, uh, not there. And no kissing! And who unhooked my bra?

Sherri was also asked about raising her son as a single mother.


One of the critical things she’s teaching her 10-year-old son is how to keep the toilet seat down. Her young son doesn’t quite get the reason why.

“I told him because Mommy’s falling into it at 2 in the morning. Then I’m trying to teach him how to shake it at the end. He doesn’t want to touch it.”

Although that may be oversharing, Shepherd dilemma is shared by many single mothers. And so she’s had to improvise. When he shakes it, of course it goes everywhere. Shepherd says she put a Cheerio into the toilet and told him to aim. Then there are the morning “rises” which Shepherd is noticing. Little Jeffrey does have his father in his life, so they talk as well, but as the custodial parent, Sherri has to be both mother and father sometimes. Unfortunately, little Jeffrey wants his privacy these days.

“I’m just trying to raise him up so some girl is not going ‘You’re nasty – didn’t your mama teach you nothing?’

Any tips for Sherri, single moms? Drop your pointers on raising a son below.

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