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Tyler Perry is going the extra mile in the wake of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death as he works to make sure things are well with the families of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

A source that revealed to “Entertainment Tonight” that the entertainment mogul is, “intent on keeping the peace” between the family, in light of their issues date going back to Brown and Houston’s volatile relationship.

Sources with ET go on to reveal that Perry offered to “take care of everything” related to Bobbi Kristina’s funeral. The actor-director reportedly will allow the Brown/Houston families to use his private jet to transport Bobbi Kristina’s body from Atlanta, where the funeral service will take place on Thursday (July 30) to New Jersey where she will be buried alongside Houston.

Perry’s presence has been noted as he visited Bobbi Kristina and the family at the Hospice Care Center, where she died on Sunday (July 26). In addition, he was found at the home of Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt Pat Houston Monday morning (July 27) where the family told ET that they were planning Bobbi Kristina’s funeral services.

ET noted that Perry aired his feelings about the situation with Bobbi Kristina and her family earlier this month in a post on Facebook.

“This morning I woke up with Whitney on my mind, “ he wrote. “I couldn’t help but think about all she must have dreamed for her child. I know this was not her dream… And as difficult as this time is for the people that love both Whitney and Krissi, what makes it more egregious is the blatant disrespect, lies, and ignorance that are rapidly printed in this awful time. For some reason, it has become human nature in our society to look for, seek out, and celebrate darkness, glory in tragedy, and enjoy reading and reporting it […].

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