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Following the Sunday passing of Whitney Houston‘s 22-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, her longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon is reportedly on suicide watch.

After Brown was found face down in the bathtub in her Atlanta home on Jan. 31, her family began to suspect foul play on Gordon’s part. Gordon, however, continues to deny any involvement in her death.

According to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life, “Nick is on suicide watch.” The source continued, “He is out of control with regret and sadness. He keeps saying that if only Bobbi Kristina had heard his voice, things would have been different. She may have lived.”

It was reported that Brown’s father, Bobby Brown, banned Gordon, 25, from seeing her in the hospital. Soon after, the family dropped a $10 million lawsuit on Gordon for allegedly abusing Brown and withdrawing over $11,000 from her bank account while she was hospitalized.

According to NY Daily News, the civil claim was filed on June 24, in Fulton County, Ga. It was said in the complaint that Gordon caused “substantial” harm to Brown and that he punched her in the face, resulting in him “knocking out a front tooth.”

No word yet on whether or not these claims have been investigated, but as it stands, those close to Gordon fear he is danger of taking his own life after the loss of his girlfriend.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest.

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8 thoughts on “Nick Gordon Reportedly On Suicide Watch Following Bobbi Kristina’s Death

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I have no idea and there is not enough evidence that supports the fact that Nick had anything to do with Bobbi K’s accident and now death. All speculation, none of us were there. We don’t know how he treated her, or how she treated him behind closed doors. They clearly displayed their love and affection for one another in public. Even with that being said, as a parent to a child in BK’s position, if I thought her boyfriend was in anyway responsible for her current medical position, I would not allow him in either. But I would be grown up enough to at least have some serious conversations with him about what happened. Maybe if BK’s family showed Nick an ounce of respect, he would have been more than happy to agree to any terms they set for him to see BK before she passed away. I’m pretty sure he won’t be allowed at the funeral either. I hope that Nick will someday heal from this unfortunate situation, he was obviously very closed to BK, and be able to move on with his life. Just my thoughts.

  2. Tanisha on said:

    I think they should have let him see Bobbi Kris regardless. She just might have responded. He was the one person that she trusted. And you have to remember these people are really young. And I would have tried anything to get a response.

  3. Nick Gordon is sad and feeling suicidal because of his mistreatment and manipulation of Bobbi Kristina. He is also upset because his money supplier is gone!

    This whole case scenario is just a very unfortunate tragedy.

  4. i don’t think an autopsy is going to do any good now 7 months later. The police wasn’t really investagating back in January, evidence of any foul play. What ever was in her system was known when they drew any lab work in January. Any marks or brusing would be gone by now. So he’ll walk away from those charges.

  5. Timekeeeper on said:

    I would never irresponsibly cast aspersion on anyone’s innocence or guilt. Playing with the outcome of someone’s life is too serious an issue to be lowered down to what I feel about somebody. I think the term “Suicide Watch” is being used to overdramatize the situation and get people’s feelings ratcheted up.

  6. Linda on said:

    If he is now suicidal it must be due to his guilt. I personally believe that this young man may have had something to do with the late Bobbi Kristina Houston’s injuries and subsequent death.

    Hopefully, once the autopsy has been done and the results completed we will learn what really happened to this young lady.

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