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Bobbi Kristina’s recent death is being looked at as a homicide, with Nick Gordon possibly being the lead suspect, Pix 11 reports.

A former Fulton County prosecutor spoke on the case, hinting that Gordon could face murder charges for his alleged abuse towards the 22-year-old. Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in her bathtub by Gordon in January. Friends claim Gordon and Kristina got into a fight before she was found by the police.

The family also claims she was robbed of $11,000 while she was in a coma.

“I think that Nick Gordon was not formally charged with murder since Bobbi Kristina was still alive, but now that she has passed on, there is more than likely a charge coming soon for, if not murder, second degree murder which is an unintentional killing that resulted in death,” said Melanie Davis, a former Fulton County prosecutor.

Davis confirmed the initial autopsy revealed no major injures were found.

“The initial reports were that prior to her being found in the bathtub that he knocked her tooth out and dragged her upstairs by her hair … so that would at least be aggravated assault and aggravated battery,” Davis adds.

A death certificate will not be issued until all tests are complete and “all investigative, medical, and other documentary records are received and thoroughly reviewed,” the Fulton County Medical Examiner said in a press release.

The family confirmed her death Sunday evening, stating she was finally “at peace.” In a statement released through his lawyer, Bobby Brown called his daughter an “angel.”

“Krissy was and is an angel. I am completely numb at this time,” the singer, 46, said. “My family must find a way to live with her in spirit and honor her memory. Our loss is unimaginable.”

He adds, “We thank everyone for the prayers for Krissy and our family as we mourn my baby girl.”

Following his daughter’s passing, Brown contacted loved ones directly. An unnamed source told PEOPLE the singer is showing strength during this hard time.

“He is holding it together more than you’d expect,” the source tells PEOPLE. “He knew it was coming. Of course he’s very emotional, but at the same time, he knows that Krissy is in a better place now.

“He is taking comfort in the fact that she’s with her mother and that there will be no more sadness or pain. She is at peace. He knows that and is taking comfort in that.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Brown and Houston families during this time.

Remembering Bobbi Kristina Brown
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One thought on “Bobbi Kristina’s Death Reportedly Investigated As A Homicide, Initial Autopsy Report Reveals No Major Injuries

  1. She overdosed and that coward Nick Gordon set it up like Whitney’s death because he knew the gullible media would jump all over it!! I never blamed Bobby for Whitney’s addiction and I’m a huge Whitney fan. I watched her lie to Oprah.I blame Bobby for not doing like CIssy and storm the house and take Bobbi so she would have a chance at a “clean” life. All the enablers is why Whitney/Bobbi are dead!!! This tragic story is going to make a great Oscar worthy movie when everyone has healed “enough!” I said enough because my mother buried my teen sis and you NEVER get over losing a child….RIP Nippy/Krissi

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