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Janet Jackson has dropped the visuals of her steamy track, No Sleeep, her first video in five years.

The mid-tempo track shows a 49-year-old Ms. Jackson seductively singling in a dimly-lit mansion on a rainy day.

A couple of scenes later and J. Cole makes an appearance, while the two perform their verses together.


Watch below:


What do you think of the video?

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(Photo/Video Source: YouTube)


14 thoughts on “[WATCH] Janet Jackson Drops Visuals For ‘No Sleeep’ Ft. J. Cole

  1. Carolyn Cornell on said:

    Janet still got it!! Nice to see a sister working her talent.And not all booty popping thur a song… God bless. And welcome back…

  2. Lisa Grace on said:

    I love the song and the video but it’s Janet she can do whatever she want. According to the video I think she miss her brother and I think she miss being a kid. I agree, it’s to many responsibilities being an adult

  3. I love her new song. It’s definitely a come back. Janet should have stayed with her R&B sound and never should have let Jermaine Dupree market her as a hip hop artist. She was way too old and classy for that look or sound. This video and sound is Janet. Very refreshing to see a black entertainer and singer with clothes on and strictly making it on talent. Kudos to Ms. Jackson and God Bless.

  4. Anita on said:

    I Love it I love Janet she is one of the best female singers of all times Bey is good, but Janet is the ulitmate.

  5. Loyce on said:

    It sounds pretty good! I thought Janet had given up singing but this is a fresh “new start”! I think she has far too many clothes on in this video but it sounds great!

    • Jacquelynn4 on said:

      I think it is refreshing to finally see a female artist put some clothes on. So tired of the trashy look (“wearing the uniform” as Dave Chappell so aptly puts it). Such blatant disrespect for their own bodies. We don’t need to see all of their wares.

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