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Sometimes we feel like failure is the worst thing that has ever happened to us. But how many times have you realized, in hindsight, how that failure turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

Failures can actually teach you something if you allow them to. And that’s what singer Fantasia did. Here’s what she had to say about learning from pain:

“We all have a testimony, but some choose to keep it in the closet and I just choose to share it. I’m a soul singer so I sing my pain. I sing what I go through. And I think if I don’t go through those things, I probably couldn’t stand on a stage and go to that place that I go, without that pain, without those trials. So for me now, I’m just in a place, after going through all that I went through I feel like there’s nothing at this point that can hurt me because I’ve been through some of it all…I’m good.”

Take a look at my video on losing to win above. Then check out my full interview with Fantasia. We talk candidly about how failing in front of the world taught her to use her failure as fuel here.