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The stigma against the termination of unwanted pregnancies has changed over the years, and now, a recent study reveals that the majority of women who have had an abortion do not regret their decision.

A study by PLOS ONE at the University of California showed 95 percent of women who terminated their pregnancy believe that the choice was right for them at the time. Researchers talked to 667 women who had abortions in 30 facilities across the country. For three years, researchers checked in with the women through phone surveys to assess their positive and negative feelings about the experience.

The Washington Post reports: 

They found no difference in post-abortion experiences between women who had early abortions and those who had late ones: “Notably, we found no differences in emotional trajectories or decision rightness between women having earlier versus later procedures.”

Although the amount of women questioned was small, researchers believe the findings will change the conversation about the effects of abortion. Developing negative feelings about the experience isn’t a sure-fire sign of regret.

You can find more on the study here.

SOURCE: The Washington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: GETTY 


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2 thoughts on “Study: Majority Of Women Who’ve Undergone Abortions Have No Regrets

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I don’t think abortion is an easy decision mentally/psychologically. Many women make this choice because they feel it’s the best choice, they may not be in a good place and know this up front. I’d rather this choice than killing your unwanted child and putting him/her in deep freezer, or microwaving him/her, or drowning, or the many other horrific acts women decide to do afterwards. Birth control would be the better choice.

  2. Linda on said:

    What women choose to do with their bodies-is their business!

    If a woman has an unwanted pregnancy and she feels that she is unable to care for that child, abortion should be an option for her to end that pregnancy.

    There are way too many un-wanted children already in the world who are being raised by “dysfunctional” mothers who should have considered abortion as an option.

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