Reports of Jay Z and Beyoncé buying the rights to the Confederate flag were greatly exaggerated.

So much so that all the talk turned out be false, according to The Washington Post, which cited NewsWatch33, a bogus website, as the source of the fake report.

According to the report, a lawyer for Jay Z and Beyoncé spoke to NewsWatch33 about the power couple’s intent to make a big boss move to purchase the flag’s rights.

“My clients are adamant about purchasing the rights to the Rebel Confederate flag,” Jay and Bey’s lawyer Ralph Hammerstein allegedly told the site.

“They have expressed deep concern regarding the flag and how it is tearing apart our nation. Mr. and Mrs. Carter wants to assist in the abolishment of the flag by purchasing the resell rights to the Confederate flag.

If my clients are successful, purchasing the rights would mean that anyone who wants to produce merchandise using the Confederate flag would have to get permission from Mr. and Mrs. Carter. My clients have expressed that they are not looking to profit from the use of the flag, but rather prevent any further use of the flag on merchandise.”

To further hit the nail on how false the NewsWatch 33 report was, the Post mentioned that “there are no resale rights on flags:

“They literally cannot be trademarked. (And if they could be, don’t you think we would have heard about the person profiting off the Confederate flag by now?),” the Post noted while highlighting that NewsWatch33 also “erroneously reported” that $4 million in donations was received by Dylann Roof’s legal defense fund.


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