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Prayer circles and therapy sessions have not been successful at calming their ever-brewing storm, so the Braxton sisters have summoned a great spiritual reinforcement to help them overcome their ongoing struggles and frustrations with each other.

Fans of the WE tv hit series Braxton Family Values have witnessed the up’s and down’s between the sisters’ for the past four seasons. This week, arguments and emotions boiled over, resulting in a brokenhearted Evelyn Braxton calling up trusted friend and well-known spiritual advisor Bishop T.D. Jakes.

The senior pastor of The Potter’s House of Dallas will sit down with the family, including both parents, for two emotional episodes that begin airing this week.

Braxton Family Values follows the lives of the Braxton sisters, Grammy Award-winning artist Toni, Grammy-nominated artist Tamar, Traci, Towanda and Trina – along with their mother Evelyn.

“The Braxtons are an immensely talented and loving family bogged down by a series of lingering wounds, misunderstandings, and disappointments that have robbed them of the harmonious union and close-knit bonds that they once shared,” said Bishop T.D. Jakes. “Sitting down with the family as a group and in one-on-one settings, we were able to achieve some dynamic breakthroughs that their loyal fans will be delighted to watch unfold. This is truly can’t-miss TV.”

Bishop Jakes provided the family with a safe environment that ignited a conversation that was open, honest, and sometimes uncomfortable, but in the end, worthwhile.

“I see my family falling apart,” Evelyn tells him in their first session, suggesting that her divorce from husband Michael was the catalyst in her family going astray.

But while oldest sister Toni agrees the divorce of her parents caused a lot of unchecked hurt, she doesn’t believe it is the main cause of the family drama.

Tune in this week to see the Part One on Thursday, July 9th at 9pm EST on WE tv.

Check out a sneak peek of the Braxtons’ first meeting with Bishop T.D. Jakes.

6 thoughts on “T.D. Jakes Guest Stars On ‘Braxton Family Values’ To Counsel Sisters [WATCH]

  1. Swan on said:

    I saw that episode. He can’t help them no more than Dr. Sherry could help them. Daddy cheating on their mother really had an effect on them, messed them up and then the divorce between the parents drove them to be the way they are. One day they like each other the next day they’re tearing each other down. Some of it is them being so spoiled growing up, the parents should really be embarrassed of the product of their dysfunctional family, notice how the son stays away from the family drama/mess. “You can tell the tree from the fruit it bares”.

  2. If TD Jakes don’t tell them to stop shaking their booty for a living we’ll know for certain certain he’s a false prophet. Braxtons sisters got more than enough money to retire.

    • He’s not a prophet. He’s an entertainer. That’s why he’s appearing on a reality show, which has nothing to do with reality, instead of having them come to the office, like real ministerial counselors do.

    • I enjoy his sermons from time to time. Who anointed him Bishop and a Prophet? He has no legitimate divinity degree. Well, I group him in with Creflo. They are doing some good I guess.

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