Uncle Sam is coming after the American Idol alumni for refusing to pay nearly $100K in taxes and now they have slapped her with a federal tax lien.

According to court documents obtained by, Fantasia reportedly owes $92,837 in unpaid taxes, so the IRS filed a lien against her in California on May 1.

The government is giving her a chance to make good on her back taxes. However, the IRS will seize her assets if she can’t cover her entire tab. It’s unclear how long she has until the feds come knocking.

Unfortunately, the tax trouble is the latest in a string of financial problems for Fantasia, who also fought to save her North Carolina home before she lost it for defaulting on a loan, only to lose it to the bank in 2012.

IRS Hit List of Celebrity Tax Evaders
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(Photo Source: Fantasia Instagram)

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