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Jacque Reid talks about the citizenship of Dominicans of Haitian descent being removed from the Dominican Republic and the government’s decision to “ethnically clean” the country.  Author Stephanie Fleary talks about her new book Chocolatey Brown, which she hopes will empower families to have conversation about colorism.

“Two things are going on there – Poor immigration policy and the issue of colorism. What they are trying to do is a cleansing; it’s black privilege,”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview!

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9 thoughts on “Author Stephanie Fleary Talks “Haitian Cleansing” In Dominican Republic

  1. Agree with most of the comments. The radio personalities and “author” need to seriously take time to visit Dominican Republic and Haiti and understand the history and present nature of those countries. They are completely off and extremely misleading. Reports like this one incite negative feelings and violence between the countries. Shame on you!

  2. Platano on said:

    Do you how many people were born in the US with Dominican parents who came here illegally with no papers at all. Have kids, and those kids are US citizens legally by law. The parents, can be deported, but not the kids. The Dominicans, are trying to change the laws of humanity. Any one, who is born in a country, is a citizen of that country by the law of nature. Bloody Dominicans!!! May God have pity on their souls!

  3. carolina albert on said:

    So David Ortiz, Sammy Sosa, Juan Marichal, Pedro Martinez, baseball players, Karl Towns Cruz, first pick at the NBA, Zoe Saldana, movie actress, Hordford the Atlanta Hawks player and so many others like these shall loose their Dominican nationality because of their skin color? according to what this author says they would! that only shows what a BS article this is!!!

  4. elisa on said:

    This reporter really needs to know her history before commenting. She clearly does not know Dominicans. Lets take a hard look at the US before commenting on other nations. We have our own problems to deal with!!!!!! Get real and leave other countries to deal with their issues on their own

  5. David A Bovee on said:

    By “Haitian Cleansing”, is this.hate-filled bigoted halfwit refering to 200 years ago-and ever since-when they slaughter every white person they can find? Egocentric trash!

  6. carol on said:

    This reporter needs to inform herself…..may I ask who were the first and the last to aid haiti when the 2010 earthquake? Dominican republic have done for haiti is helped them.

  7. Lily on said:

    And another person who doesn’t do the proper research before speaking. The Dominican Republic DOESN’T have Jus Solis, (that any person born on their soil is automatically dominican) we HAVE Jus Sanguinis (that is the automatic nationality is only for a person with one or both parents with dominican nationality). We are NOT “cleaning” nor is about “colorism” were the words you used. So instead of spreading lies, get your facts straight DO your research with out a racism lens and you will see the truth. We HAVE every right to apply our migrations laws, if your country doesn’t do it (and believe me they do, or I have to remind you about the separations of mexicans families leaving children alone because their parents were deported?) is not our problem.

  8. You are lying, what you are saying isn,t true!!! If you really care about Haitians tell your concern to Obama who did anything to help this country, speak against the corrupt Haitian president Martelly. Dominican Republic gave resident permission to more than half million Haitians and what are doing bright now Bahama, USA and France? Deporting Haitians people back home. But we are the bad guys of the movie!!!!

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