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LEXINGTON, N.C. (AP) — An inmate who authorities say escaped from a North Carolina lockup with the help of a prison employee has been recaptured, according to a state prisons spokeswoman.

Kristopher McNeil, 29, was in custody in the Davidson County Jail, Department of Public Safety Communications Director Pamela Walker said early Monday morning.

Authorities have said McNeil, who was serving a sentence for second-degree murder, escaped Saturday. A day later, a 33-year-old prison kitchen worker was charged with helping him escape.

Citizens recognized McNeil from media reports and called law enforcement late Sunday, Walker said. He was picked up walking along a road near the Davidson/Forsyth County line in central North Carolina, more than 80 miles north of Polkton, where he’d been incarcerated in the Brown Creek Correctional Institution, according to Walker.

“We appreciate the many law enforcement agencies working closely by the department’s side working to get McNeil back in custody,” Director of Prisons George Solomon said in a statement. “We are especially grateful to the citizens who called in tips and anyone who aided in his capture without anyone getting hurt.”

McNeil, who had been scheduled for release in 2018, will be taken to Central Prison in Raleigh, Walker said. He will face escape charges which could add one to three years to his sentence, Walker said.

Kendra Lynette Miller, 33, who began working at the Polkton prison in December, faces multiple charges connected to Saturday’s escape, including harboring a fugitive and aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Miller is also charged with having sex with an inmate and providing a cellphone. An Anson County Jail official said Sunday she did not have a lawyer. Her bond was set at $500,000, prison officials said.

Miller and McNeil are believed to have worked in the prison kitchen together, Walker said. Prison authorities believe McNeil scaled the fence at the minimum-security unit of Brown Creek, about 45 miles east of Charlotte.

In 2009, McNeil agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after initially being charged with first-degree murder, the Winston-Salem Journal reported. He was accused of killing Lancelot “Bobby” Muir, 44, who was found shot to death along a creek near his girlfriend’s home. Muir was awaiting trial on cocaine trafficking charges at the time of his death.

Details of McNeil’s escape and capture came as law officers shot and captured the second of two convicted murderers who broke out of a maximum-security prison in northern New York three weeks ago.

Prosecutors said Joyce Mitchell, a prison tailoring shop instructor at the Clinton Correctional Facility who got close to the men while working with them, was charged with promoting prison contraband, which authorities said included hacksaw blades and chisels. She agreed to be their getaway driver after their escape, but backed out. Mitchell has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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(Photos: NC DPS/Polkston Police)

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26 thoughts on “NC Prison Worker Had Sex with Convicted Murderer, Aided in Escape

  1. Michele on said:

    Very sad that some women have no self worth and jumps at the first man that pays her a compliment or a little attention! Now her whole life is ruined over some criminal that already ruined his!!! SMDH!!!

  2. Mary on said:

    It is sad to me to think that this woman thought that a hard piece of meat was going to be the answer to all of her problems, she would have been better off buying a dildo and doing herself. Now she is in for life with a bunch of women to service her. So very sad!

  3. John Q Public on said:

    What is it with these Black females and their fascination with bad boys,ie…criminals? How stupid can you be!

  4. Alonez on said:

    This comes from women tired of being mistreated on the outside. Prisoners tell them everything they want to hear. They know where they are at all times and you are in control of the situation. They cant cheat on you – can’t hurt you. Heard it first-hand from a relative. It makes sense to them and the risks “Love” they feel seem to out-weigh the risks to them.

    • Huh? You must know someone locked up because this makes no sense to me. I guess she fell in love with the man for whatever reason, but who looks in prison for a mate? I still think she must have knew him before he got in trouble, like the other lady in the news for doing the same thing. They caught both of the escapees, killed one of them, now she is in jail.SMH

    • Those convicts are screwing multiple women, only a fool would ever think that she is the only one. These idiots think that they are in control, when actually the convicts are controlling and manipulating them.

  5. Lena on said:

    WTF can an INMATE POSSIBLY TELL ME that will make me AGREE to put myself in a situation that would cost me to end up right where they are???? Hell their in JAIL FOR A REASON!!!! GTFOH with that foolishness….REALLY GTFOH. So now I’m in jail and for what!? FOOLISHNESS AND STUPIDITY?????

  6. Elizabeth on said:

    Seriously. I don’t understand what would make a woman or a man even desire to be intimate with a prisoner. The person is locked up for a reason. The prison worker has a job and can go home everyday. Getting busy with a person in prison is never going to end well. Especially if the worker helps the convict break out. Now Ms Miller is locked up herself. Hope she is as excited about getting it on with the female inmates as she was with the male inmates.

  7. There women are pathetic, they have zero self worth. It’s sad to see just how desperate some women are, they are willing to lay down with any piece of trash, rather he has a job or not, rather he’s in prison or not, rather he has other women on the side, they just don’t care. They need to stop allowing women to work at these male prisons.

  8. What? Is having “sex with prisoners” you are guarding the “in thing”…They watch too much “Orange is the new Black”.

  9. Maybe they were a couple before he got locked up, this makes no sense. He was caught walking down the road? She couldn’t take the day off and give him a ride after risking everything for him? LOL

  10. Linda on said:

    I hope that piece of d–k was worth her losing her job over!
    What is with these female CO’s having relationships with the prisoners-are they that hard-up????????
    Now Ms. Miller will get to be an INMATE!!!

  11. Charles Davis Sr. on said:

    Sad this Sister mess up her job, pension, and Family for an inmate. The questions I would ask her was it worth it. Sad.

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