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Chris Rock has always been sociopolitically conscious if you’ve been paying attention to his comedy. Sure, he’s said and done some problematic things, but fundamentally he has dressed some of his most important political views with laughs, which often leaves many people missing the point.

But if you analyze his comedy closely, you’ll note that he has been at the forefront of some very contentious issues, especially concerning race. He definitely is more forthcoming with his views these days, once acclaiming that Black people aren’t progressing as far as race is concerned. But rather “White people aren’t as crazy as they used to be.”

Recent news has come out that Rock was actually almost chosen as the successor to Jon Stewart, who is set to be done with the Daily Show in the next few months. Stewart has been hosting the show for sixteen years so it would have always been hard to find a suitable replacement regardless of who it was. South African comedian Trevor Noah was chosen but we can’t help but wonder why not Chris Rock? Rock certainly has the experience and the charisma, and might even have an arguably easier time addressing issues than Noah, who may always be slighted for addressing national issues given citizenship.

According to the New York Times, Rock was interested but did not want to sign up for anything beyond the 2016 presidential election. Oh well. Hopefully Noah can bring it when it’s his turn.

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